Sunday, August 31, 2014

wk 75 - Grabi and semana namon!

Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenville (Tangub Ward)
Durian :)

sister Bliss Balintay :) 
Sister Herrera's Birthday Spaghetti!!
 (we never made it because we had so much food she really wanted it so I made it for her!)
I was wiping off the stove and my companion took a picture.. so here you go! 
my capid banana :) (twin) kuno
if you eat these you will have twins one day haha! superstition here!
I've had a lot of them that are even more stuck together! Hopefully one day I have twins!! ;) 

Sister Josephina! A Recent Convert :) She's so cute!!
She's the only one there during the week.

Durian!! :) A fruit!
It's a little different and it stinks but it's good when you eat it :)
Like creamy kind of. 

That's Hermi one of our investigators that showed up at church and said he was interviewed but went home before being baptized but now he wants to be baptized. We are teaching him again to be interviewed next week and baptized on the 14th :) He lives at a members house! The Balintay Family :) 


This week has been one of a roller coaster week. It started at the top and went all the way down! haha Lets just say Saturday was probably one of the hardest days as a missionary. All of our investigators have such a visible visit from Satan. It's really so real and incredible.

They are all getting so close and we have to work harder to keep them going!! :) We had some ups but they got pulled right back down. I don't want to go in all the details but it was just a crazy week. Our baptismal canidate got a fever and didn't come yesterday and then our baptism for next week isn't ready anymore. But the others ones are still going, we visited all of them and all had their trials but they are all holding on still!! Just got to keep them going!! I feel like I just need to keep running to keep up with everything that's going on!! And yes I do sleep at night don't worry mom :) It's the only way to get energy to keep going :) I feel like if I take one second to take a breath, it all will fall apart. But this is Heavenly Father's way to let us know that we need to rely on the atonement and this is his work. We will walk in the same path Jesus Christ walked, feel a little of what he felt and keep going. It's not all joyful and happy. To have those times of joy and happiness will be so much more worth it when you agi through the trials. I pray to keep going with them and help them to continue.

We still have some miracles in it all!! An 11 year old girl who's the niece of one of our ward missionaries has been coming to church. She thought she was baptized but it turns out she hasn't yet so we met her yesterday :) It was really cool!! Miracles are happening!! Our RC are inviting people to come to church and they come and I feel like we have no time for finding ourselves. It's almost hard with everyone there. Members want us to come to their house and I want to go to them to get their help and I guess we will have to use that for sure as a finding way, because we are all about missionary work. It's an incredible thing that's happening and through trials and challenges, we can overcome it all with the Atonement of Jesus Christ!! IT'S AMAZING TO REALIZE! I really do love it so much and am grateful for it!! 

There's a video I want you to look for and watch. It's the Atonement by I think Eyring and Holland talk in it. It's amazing! And makes me cry. President talked to it forever ago. And through this week all I could think about was that. As well as in my patriarchal blessing it says always be strong in times of disappointment. Remember you will always have family and friends to support you. I know that's true and I'm grateful for that :) Thank you for everything you do!! I am grateful for you and for the Atonement of Jesus Christ!!

I love you all!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot 

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