Monday, August 11, 2014

Wk 72 - MIRACLES!!! :)

Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenville (Tangub ward)
Sister Davis!! :) She goes home this week and you will meet her :) She lives I think in Saratoga?? No i don't remember basta close to us!! She said she wants to come to my homecoming :) 
our zone!
sister roos from my batch but going home early for school :) She'll be home september 1

Brother Robert is amazing!! He was suppose to be baptized in March but a lot of things happened and soon the sisters were avoiding it because of him. But we showed up and decided to just try and he ended up listening and now is baptized, Yesterday!!! :) He's the husband of a recent convert and is amazing!! :) I am so happy!!! AH!!! :) We are just waiting for his son and daughter in-law to want to :)
They still need to be married but they are amazing!! :) 


This week has been amazing!! I wish I could tell you everything!! AH!!! We had a sister we kept seeing a couple weeks ago she sat in on a lesson we were teaching in a little bench outside. She listened for a minute then left then came back and said are you available in the evening. Sister Tan, our RC was with us and she knew her and she just said, I'll tell her if I want to listen. Then we saw her like a week ago again. She was always coming back to my mind. Then we saw her again Saturday night!! She was with one of our investigators we were going to teach, she was going to walk away and we said, sister upod ka!! It means come with. She was like um.. a little unsure but then we just decided to go to her house and she shared her whole life story with us, holy cow! It was unbelievable! She's a single mom of one 6 year old who is a genius! She's has an amazing voice and wow! I can't believe it! She right away committed to come to church the next day and she showed up!! :) It was awesome!! I love it!! We taught her again yesterday and it was quick but she ended up coming to another lesson we had close later that night :) Just just wanted to come!!! It was amazing! Im excited to keep helping her!! We also found out she's the granddaughter of an RC, Tatay Nonoy!! :) Wow!! So amazing!! 

Then Sunday!! We get to church about 7:45 because we have a baptism!! Our baptismal canidate wasn't there yet and he was going to come at 7:30. 8 o'clock comes and waay pa siya. They started the baptismal service and we were so tense like where is he!! He showed up about 8:10 and changed really fast then when he was suppose to go back to get baptized we went and took pictures really fast!! Holy cow!! It was incredible!! 

Then we had about 8 investigators show up to church :) It was incredible!! Such an amazing day!! I love it!!! It's not the most we have had but here in tangub it's the most :) It's over average for me. It was incredible!! I love tender mercies from God and how much he loves us and helps us!!

I am so excited!! I love this work and we are just waiting for the son and daughter in law that aren't yet married to realize that it's true as well, they just don't want to be forced. they feel like they are, but we are just stepping back and starting to see it a little, just helping them come to know for themselves. It was cool!! Sister Josefina (Robert's wife) who was baptized in march worked with us yesterday and she's amazing!! I love seeing her testimony!! :) It's incredible!!! :) 

I love this work!! I love the church! I love my Savior!! Thank you for everything you do and I am so grateful for everything I have in this life and my chance to keep going!! This work doesn't end ever, even when I come home! It just keeps going in a different place that God has assigned me :) 

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Smoot :)
I started getting little rashes on my fingers from my laundry. so i started doing it with my feet like a washing machine ;) for about 10 minutes then i switched back to my hands haha :) 
dinner :) and sister herrera's cake!! 

happy birthday!! Bishop also bought a cake too!! and fed us dinner!!

Bishop brought us coconut :) they have a tree and brother Leysa came and got some down for us!! This is two coconuts with one head :) and then we have a lot that they brought to us and we made fruit salad with it! :) Happy Birthday to sister herrera :) 
Her breakfast!! She wanted an egg sandwich :)
Happy Birthday Sister Herrera!! :) I got her a cake :) hehe
We had a FHE on monday and it was Edzel (our ward mission leader) 's birthday!!! :) 

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