Monday, August 26, 2013

Wk 22- NICE AND SMOOTH!!! (me and my companion) haha

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis

Our zone headed on an activity to see the ruins

all squished in a jeepney!

The ruins

Sister Smoot & Monson

Sister Neis & Smoot

Sister Monson & Smoot

Sister Neis & Smoot

Sister Smoot & Sister Polatis

my Zone at the Ruins

Sister Smoot & Monson

The Sisters

Main floor of our house!

Our house in Bata

This week has been good!! :)

So monday we had a zone activity!! it was so fun! :) We went to the ruins and just took pictures. :) it was fun!! :) i loved it so much! :) It was nice to just kind of relax for a day. Then after. We went and did a FHE at sister Analia's house! She is super cute! She has two little boys and a sister in our ward referred her to us! she is ready to be baptized! She went to church before when she was in high school. Her husband doesn't want anything to do with it, but she's praying that he will open up. :) it's super cute! We read Sister Neis' little simplified book of mormon in ilonggo! They were rare at the mtc but she got one from the book store!! 

Tuesday :) Elder and Sister Neff came over and did an inspection of our apartment. :) which they do every once in a while (but it was my first one here.) but the rest of the day was short because we pretty much studied and went out for a little bit in the evening.  

oh! and I forgot to tell you last week that we had a brown out last week or something. Usually a brown out is water and electricity, but ours were different, but electricity. We didn't have any electricity haha so we slept and it was hot upstairs without fans but we opened the windows and it was just the evening until about 5 in the morning when we had our fans plugged in to turn on and when they turned on it woke us both up and it scared us! then it made me cold! it's crazy how your body can adjust. I forget to tell you things like this because it's just kinda normal. We had it at our first apartment also, but there it had a generator that kicked on and it was back on in a few minutes. but we were using flash lights in a house it was funny. :) it was like i was at girls camp, but in a house haha :)

Wednesday, we ran into a sister that had a book of mormon. the spirit like stopped me to talk to her and i started talking to her and found out she'd been taught before. She had a book of mormon, it was dusty but she had one! We had an incredible lesson about the plan of salvation because we found out her sister in law died about 3 years ago and she was taking care of the two kids. their dad was in oriental for work. She said we could come back but everytime we go back she's not there. 

Thursday, we taught one of our neighbors in Camilla! (it's the group of nicer houses) it also guarded so people can't really get inside unless they live there or are with someone who lives there. But we were able to teach a 20 year old and a 19 year old.. sisters. They are super cute. They live together with one brother who we haven't met yet he was at work. It's the 19 year old's boyfriend and they have one child who was with the brothers mom and the 20 year old is the cousin of the brother. if that makes sense. but we have another appointment with them tonight. It was really cool to see how curious people are. We had a good lesson with them. :)

Friday, I was a little rough.. and i got overwhelmed, but i knew that it would just make saturday all that better! I broke down a little after a 2 hour lesson with someone who had a whole lot of questions. Anyways i was super exhausted after we went throughout that day. That night i got home and i woke up the next morning to my moo moo being on inside out, i was like wow i must have been tired! oops! [and then i went to change and realized my garment top was on backwards!! wow!! no wonder i had a bad day yesterday!! i felt super bad, and stupid, but it was already done, so i laughed it off and said ok i'll have a better day today. :)]

Saturday, i worked with a member that looks so much like jessica foster!! and acts like her too... just philippina. it was kinda weardin me out... but it made me miss her... but can you some how get a picture of her for me so i can show this sister?! :) we did a lesson with elijah to review him for his baptismal interview!! which he had on sunday and he's so ready to be baptized!! Elijah is a member's boyfriend who they are preparing for temple marriage in a year! He's incredible! :) I'm so excited for him!! :) 

Sunday, We went to go to church at 8 for our meeting we were running a few minutes late... but nobody was there, except for sister Analia with her 2 boys! We were like wow!! temprano gid sila!! haha it was cool! We had 6 investigators at church and 5 less actives and 2 out of our 3 recent converts from before. It was a good day. Then we went and had our interview after church for elijah! He's getting baptized on saturday! :) and Then we had splits!! It was weird! i hadn't been alone with just members before, but we did member exchanges. It was cool, different but cool! :) It's awesome because you get double the work done in the same amount of time. :) I enjoyed it because sundays we have a lot of people that want to come with us. 

Anyways, I hope that was enough for you mom! ;) I hope you enjoy the pictures too!! :) I love you all!! :) Have a wonderful week! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wk 21- WE HAVE FACEBOOK!! Just so you know :)

The Bata missionaries facebook pic! 

This week has been good! :) I'm not even sure where to begin...

Tuesday, well we had a mission presidents training. Lacey is in my district i'm pretty sure by the way :) i love her!! But we haven't had a district meeting yet... so i'm not 100 percent sure... but I got put in a group to pilot facebook!! So Bata Missionaries have a facebook now :) just so you know :) it's so weird! I NEVER thought this would happen on my mission. It's so crazy!! We check it every other day and the elders check it the days we don't. :) It's incredible!
Jenna & Lacey!~ (Sister Smoot & Sister Monson!)
Sister Neis (nice) & Smoot (smooth)

Tuesday or Wednesday we had our first lesson with someone who was referred to us by a member. Her name is Analia. She is super cute and she is ready to hear the gospel! She was taught before, but the missionaries transferred and nobody returned... super sad! i've heard that happen quite a few times here! (that's why the area book is super important!!) but it was definitely a lesson led by the spirit and i'm so grateful to be able to listen to the spirit and be guided by it. :)

Oh! Small world!! One of our less active families, the daughter's boyfriend isn't a member which he lives in a different area so we sent in his name for her, she also asked about his brother too, which was a referral by his girlfriend who is also a member! His brother was a referral me and sister sanders were trying to find in Bacolod 1st ward!! It's a small world, even in the Philippines. :) haha

Let me just say there's a lot of people here offended, which is super sad. But we have been visiting a lot of less actives because members know where they are. It's hard to try to help them, but I do know if Christ forgives us and forgives the people "for they know not what they have done". We can forgive someone who has offended us. The church is perfect, but people arent. Christ was the only perfect person here on this earth. I am grateful for his example. :)

We also, through another investigator named Rembert, we've only taught him once, but he has been shared to before. But when we went back to teach him again, he wasn't there, but his wife was! Then she was like, oh! my dad's a member and she led us to his house just next to hers after we taught her a lesson then we were able to teach them both a lesson! I'm excited to follow up with them! Also, her dad went less active because the air con was too cold and bad for his health. It makes me sad, but i am grateful for air con at the church. I told Bishop, but I'm not really sure what we need to do about that. 

So, we have a sister who is a member, but her husband's not. A while ago, they use to get in fights about religion. Last night we had an incredible lesson with both of them. They are really busy, so it's hard to teach them together, but it happened last night! It was our 3rd lesson with him, but first with his wife too. She started crying and said at least he says it's true now. He told us of course it's true, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson, the Book of Mormon. But it won't accept it yet. He's happy if his family is going and being good, but he doesn't want to go with them, yet. But it's incredible, just seeing how much he is starting to agree with us instead of argue with us in just a few lessons. It's incredible!! :) Just one step at at time :) 

It's been a good week for the most part, other then it was the first time we didn't have any investigators at church. :( but we did have a lot of less actives!! They are incredible! i just love how the light comes into peoples lives. It's overwhelming and disappointing at times, but I know it's the lords week and we just need to continue and be exactly obedient and help these people here in bata feel the spirit. 

I love this work and I LOVE being a missionary!! :) I love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

 My Zone

 my previous bishop! Bishop Pioquinto! He's awesome! 

Little Kim :) love her!! :)

 when i saw the baptism last week! yes a bawled

the other day :) some little kids in a tree!

HAHA very high! AHH! 

even out of utah we can't get away from construction :)

 My desk

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wk 20- Palangga ko kamo!!!! :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis

This week has been a good week!! :)

I forgot my journal... so i can't do it day by day, but i have a few things that i can remember. :)

We had zone meeting on tuesday and i got a nice surprise of a lot of mail! :) haha it made my day. It was also a testimony to me that Heavenly Father loves me so much! Even just mail, he gives it to you when you need it most. Just being a trainer it was a little over whelming, but Sister Neis is the best and she helps a lot! :) You really get put with people that truly will help you the most. :)

(the people?: they are wonderful people! I love them!! :) they are my family! (sister neis answer-- the people are short and the culture is different) haha and we get a lot "nice and smooth" because her name is pronounced nice and i'm smooth with out the h haha

your new area?: we have a lot more richer people in this area especially because we live in camilla homes. that's the rich area and brother wycoco is there just down the street. he's funny :) he caterers all the missionary events...)

We have definitely been led by the spirit through everything. I don't know how i communicate with people. And yesterday we had a nose bleed or what they call i can't remember restoration in english!!! AHH!!!! I can barely speak hiligaynon and i'm already losing my english!!! I was in shock!!! :) 

(nose bleed?: They call a nose bleed here because they speak a lot of english is when they can't remember a word in english or in ilonggo. and I couldn't remember restoration in english! I only could remember ginpanumbalik which is restoration in ilonggo!! wow!! i'm sorry! I'm not very good at this!! ah! )

(language?:its definitely clicked it's had to :) haha sometimes its hard but it's a miracle every time i open my mouth.)

I also had an embarrassing experience. We had someone say hi to us so i turned and I said hello and kamusta kamo? and then i ran into these boards that were on top of a tricycle... Very embarrassing but you know. :) oops! I have a little bruise and scab on my forehead haha :)

I also had an incredible experience!! :) On saturday afternoon i had to get fingerprinted for my visa thing and i went to Galo to get fingerprinted so back to my area!! :) THEN A BAPTISM WAS GOING ON AND IT WAS 3 OF MY INVESTIGATORS!!!! AHH!!! JohnPaul, Abe, and Bambi!!!!! I started crying and we took a picture with sister sanders because I saw her! It was the best thing ever!!!! :) I love it!!!! :):) It was just another testimony builder that heavenly father really does love each of us and he loves me :) And I know he loves each of you! He protects us and watches over us each and every day. :) I'm so grateful for his protection and his love! Love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wk 19- I'm TRAINING!!! AH!!!

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis
The 29 new arrivals and their trainers!
 Sister Neis & Sister Smoot
 First Sunday at the Bata ward with 
Sister & President Lopez, Elder Wilstead, Elder Rillorta (zone leaders) 

Here's my week... haha it's been major (kind of) long... :)

So... Monday was a normal day, knew it was transfer week, but we kinda thought I would be staying where I was and Sister Sanders would go somewhere else, but we kept trying not to expect anything (but it's just human to). but anyways, monday night we got called and told that "sister smoot" was transfering after district meeting on tuesday morning. So, I packed up my stuff and cried and at this point I just thought ok i'll just get another senior companion, I LOVE sister sanders but i'm going to love my next companion too! :) haha so it was an emotion exciting weird thing.

Tuesday, I got a ride from Elder and Sister Anderson to the church so i wouldn't have to load my luggage on and off a jeepney, haha then we got to the church and were there a little early, then the other missionaries showed up! Elder Dy (AP) had called us the night before then Elder Mifflin (AP) asked me, did elder dy tell you if you were training?? I kinda laughed and I was like haha no. Then he said oh, well you are. I was shocked I was getting transfered somewhere else and training. Then I found out that they were just splitting the area so it was a new area. Yes, I was overwhelmed and I still am, but what do you do? Heavenly Father has his hand in this work and he put us there so we can do it! Amit amit we will get there :) (little by little) 

So tuesday until thursday I went to Talisay and worked with Sister Enman! She's super cute and happy and is also training right now. I really enjoyed learning from her and going around teaching by the spirit (still kind of in shock, but doing my best). 

Thursday morning, we went to the church and had training, got introduced to our new companions, took pictures, and Elder Anderson took us to our new house (which is a brand new house and has all the supplies from my first house we moved out of haha) and we went and split our area book and unpacked and went to the store. Then the day was gone! 

Friday, we worked with our ward mission leader and the elders who showed us around our area and we met some less actives, recent converts and the couple investigators they had in our new area. Then we had a dinner apt with Brother Wycoco, who lives in camilla homes also, just down the street from us! We have one scheduled every friday night with him. :) He's super nice! He is also the one that caters when all the missionaries get together. Thursday morning he catered a breakfast for all the trainers. :) Super delicious and very nice of him to feed us dinner. :) 

Saturday, we were on our own :) haha We went and visited a few people that we met the day before, and opened our mouths and gave out pamphlets. It was a little bit of a rough day, where I don't understand completely but I understand enough. It is crazy to think that just yesterday I was depending on someone else and now i'm the one for sister Neis to depend on. Oh so sister neis :) (sister nice is how you say it) She's from canada and is super sweet! Kinda tall, but super cute :) I'm happy I get to help her adapt to the Philippines! 

Sunday, we had a meeting with our bishop at 8, then had church at 9. And when we were shaking people's hands who were going into sacrament meeting for the last hour, President and Sister Lopez was there. We also had 2 investigators at church. One it was his first and the other it was his second. It's incredible seeing people that I just met let the gospel in their life and the people here are so welcoming! Sunday afternoon, we had a YW president who's 20 years old and one of her councilors who's 19, our ward mission leader joined us later, and we ended up with also two young women, I think mia maid president and secretary, who joined us and worked with us. It was a little bit of a large group, but I was grateful for their help. :) They also showed us some less active young women. 

Let me just say it's been a long eventful week. :) hahaha 

mom's questions:

transfers... haha yes i did freak out little bit and it's crazy at what we are doing right now haha :) 

it's a very good safe area it has guards all around to get into the complex of houses. We also have a lot of construction right by our house. haha one morning we opened the door to dump out the dirt from our floor in our dirt yard and we had construction workers sitting right outside of our door on our little square front concrete porch. :) haha it was funny! we have to take a tricycle and a jeepney but we just go to robbinsons. it's not too bad or too far. :) just about the same as before. 

yes i have flushing toilet in our apartment, i think most the missionaries have nice apartments. at least the sisters, but it's cute! it has just the main floor with one bathroom and then upstairs we have 2 rooms our study room and our bedroom. :) it's nice here! I like it a lot :) 

Yes :) I saw lacey! She seemed a little overwhelmed but she just came to the Philippines. :) It's normal :) haha but she's in our zone, so i'll see her on wednesday. :)

Yes, Ashley was there when i was told i was becoming a trainer. she smiled and gave me some encouraging words and gave me a good side hug inside. :) I love her :) I love having her here too! and now I have lacey too!! :) I'm so loved mom! :):)

yes the Zone Leaders are in my ward :) we took part of their area. :) 

dad's questions:

1. lacey is in my zone, i don't think she's in my district... but we'll see. 
2. I wondered why my language clicked last week and i was understanding better, it's not perfect, but we can do what we need to :) it will get better :)
3. my health is good :)  i feel lots better :)