Monday, May 27, 2013

Wk 9- wow!! What a week!!

 Lunch with Sister Sinema at the Chicken House! 

I'm not even sure where to start!! ah!! haha um it's been a good week!! We also had a baptism yesterday!! Charlie :) He was super nervous and was shaking so bad, but he seemed so happy after :) on sunday he will be confirmed! So lets see...
I feel like I've been a bit homesick this week and I know that it's normal, but just advice, it happens!! Some people are amazed I am here because I've never moved out before and now I'm here in the Philippines haha. It's kinda funny but seriously!! The people here are incredible!! Sister Sinema is like having a mom here in the mission field to help me and my companion! She's incredible!! We went to lunch with her one day and that was good! We went to chicken house! It was pretty good!! :) 

Can I just say how much heavenly father is really here for us and how much he helps us!! Last night, I thought I was over the homesickness thing, but I started getting a little frustrated with myself because I am scared to speak the language if I am unsure if it's right, so I speak english instead most of the time, but I am trying to do better!! I know a lot more then i think I do is what Sister Sanders always tells me, but I am getting there. Just advice to everyone going on a mission. It's hard, but there's no where else I'd rather be!! I have never felt Heavenly Father's love like I have here and especially last night. Sister Sanders was telling me these things then she felt like I needed to call Elder Anderson. I called him and while talking to him I started bawling!! I felt so dumb, because I was like why am I crying right now?! but then I asked him for a blessing and he said he could come this morning and told me that my Heavenly Father Loved me and that I am his daughter and I can do this. It was the sweetest thing ever! It reminded me of something dad would say and it was just what I needed! Then (this is all during personal study) we get a call from Elder Eagen (our Zone Leader) just checking up on us and he was calling everyone in our zone. Then we hang up and he calls back and he talks to sister sanders then to me and he starts telling me things like when he first got here his sister had died and that he thought so much about going home but he's so glad he didn't!! It's not like I want to go home, I am so glad I am here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now!! But I've really missed home a lot this week. But Now long story short Elder Eagen is giving me a blessing this afternoon. He felt like he needed to call me and it comforted me a ton and offered me a blessing so I just told Elder Anderson that if it'd be easier for him, Elder Eagen can give me a blessing. But seriously! I'm not even sure if this makes sense, but I know that  I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father! We are all children of our Heavenly Father and I know he loves each and everyone of us!! I was so overwhelmed last night, I can't even describe the feeling.

But one thing, NEVER ignore a slight nudge you feel from the spirit to do something! If it's not going to hurt anyone, do it! Elder Eagen, even though he just called, called again and even though that may seem so simple some people may not have done it, but it comforted me so much!! I am so grateful for him and for everyone that's here with me on a mission!!

I know Heavenly Father put me here so i can feel his love and he put people with me that are truly incredible and that can help me!! Just do what Heavenly Father asks you to :) that's what I learned this week! Also, pray to him and pour your heart out to him! It really helps!! I didn't know I really needed this much help and realized how much I was actually holding in until I said something so simple about the language to my companion. I pray to my heavenly father so much and I feel his love everyday!! :) Do it! It's powerful and it works!! :) It was a good week though! i promise! That's just something I felt like I needed to write home and say! :) 

I am so grateful for my family and I am so happy Heavenly Father put me in such an incredible family with such incredible parents!! :) Thank you for everything!! :) Everyone who I know has touched my life in different ways and now I am here in the Philippines helping others feel the love I feel from my Heavenly Father and how much Christ's Atonement truly helps!! :)

Palangga gid ko kamo!! :):)

Love, Sister Smoot :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wk 8- FAMILY!! :)

Life is good!! A mission is hard, but it's so rewarding! I don't know how I ended up here in the Philippines but i'm sure glad i did! :)

So everyday is pretty much the same! We get up exercise, eat breakfast, and get ready for studies by eight. Personal Study for an Hour, companionship study for 2 hours (for my first 12 weeks) then language study, lunch, then go out! that's most days (i think i told you the rest) 

Anyways lately we've kind of gone to the same people roughly and they are all incredible! :) Charlie is getting baptized next sunday! ah!! :) Marlon has to work some things out before getting baptized, but he will get there! He's incredible and has so much faith and respect! :) 

Saturday was a different day, it was super fun!!! We did a normal morning and got to go out for like 7 hours I think. But, our plans kept falling through at first after we ate lunch. So we walk over and Sister Sanders gets this feeling like ok lets look at our ward list and see if we can find more less actives (some people they don't know where they're at) so we walked in looking for someone in BRGY 17 and sister sanders looks at me and asks which way to go or how do we find this particular person who was listed. I said, oh! lets ask that brother. So we went over to him and it ended up with us talking to someone else and then we went and sat down and someone else joined us! and we were surrounded by people. One brother was fanning us with a piece of cardboard and then a sister comes over and holds an unbrella over us. it was funny! anyways, we start talking to them (more sister sanders because i don't know hiligaynon) and he had a ton of questions! it was incredible! The spirit was so strong! the brother that joined us (Raffy) ended up coming to church yesterday and is coming to church next week also! The spirit is so incredible and it truly does lead you in crazy directions!

Also something I saw walking into BRGY 20 was someone who hung their hammock under their semi truck sleeping. Kinda funny! :)

Fruits are also incredible here! I can't remember what they are called! but their mangos are so good! :) and we had a ice candy thing which is like little slushie/popcicle thing in a bag! super good like a mango cut up with some condensed milk stuff!! super good!! :) 

Anyways! :) It's been a good week! :) I can't believe your breeding princess!! AHH!! :):) super excited!!!! :) How's JJ doing?? How's all our animals?? 

Ruger!! so cute!! and Lynden's birthday!! AHH!! I love it!! :) I can't believe they are doing so good! I'm glad Talia's still doing good too :) So how long does it take for his tonsils to heal?? anyways!! I love you family!! you're the best family I could ever ask for!! Remember to read your scriptures and do family home evening and pray. You can't come closer to Heavenly Father without those!! Tell Jade to read the book of mormon now before he is ready for his mission as well as tayton :) It's good to get to know it and memorize where scriptures are and reading it helps you know that!! :) 

Tell Jade Happy Birthday for me tomorrow please!! I love him and hope his day is wonderful!! :) I can't believe he'll be 17! haha :) So happy for him!! and I love him to death! :) Please let him know!! :)

Well, I love you family!! Glad to hear you're all doing well!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day call - one day later...

We had our Mother's Day call one day after Mother's day for us- two for Jenna!  She is 14 hours ahead, so she would have called on Monday to talk with us on Sunday.  On Monday they had the Philippines election day and businesses are generally closed.  So the Mission President gave permission to call Tuesday morning, which was Monday night for us.  It was a fun call, we got to hear her speak some Hiligaynon.  I hope you enjoy these quick pics from our Skype call. She seems very happy doing the work. She loves her companion and said the Filipinos are so nice! They have gotten lost a few times, but it sounds like things are going very well.  She is assigned the Bacolod 1st Ward.

She has a wonderful trainer. :) Sister Sanders

Seeing Talia and Lynden

Wk 7- 1st week in the field!! :)

Jenna's trainer- Sister Sanders


Wow!! Let me just say the Philippines is hot, but awesome!! :) I love it here!! I am lost in most everything. I can pick out Hiligaynon words here and there and  they speak a little english which is kinda cool! but My companion is american and her name is Sister Sanders! She's aweomse!! I love her to death! :) She's incredible!! :)

We have taught some lessons and have 4 with a baptismal date, but 2 of them have been moved a couple times, but the other 2 (Marlon and Charley) are incredible!! They have a baptismal date in 2 weeks! :)

It's super sad here seeing everyone in the conditions they are in. We have a super nice apartment for being here! We do have AC and hot showers, but don't use them! our AC  is shut off and the heater is unplugged in our shower!

All the lessons we teach are awesome! haha i am super lost, but the little english they throw in plus the words i know in hiligaynon i kind of follow, it's hard though! I just bare my testimony so far. i feel like it's easier to understand then to speak, because the order and with ang sang and sa i get all mixed up! (i can explain better later) but anyways haha you know!! 

Charley is one that trys to speak english to me and helps me speak hiligaynon  he's a funny one! Yesterday, he told me "open your bag" but he was really trying to tell me my bag was open! super funny!! but he also told me yesterday when we taught him tithing. In english with a philippino accent, he said i know what you are teaching is true. it was super awesome! Just gave me butterflies because this is so true!! I love this place so much!! It's super awesome how much faith they have!! 

Well it's been a good time in the philippines and i'm doing just fine!! Best place ever!! :) I love you to death!! i'll try to send pictures now!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wk 6- Made it to Bacolod!!

President and Sister Lopez

I made it to Bacolod!! YAY!! :) It's quite warm here, yes :) But it is wonderful!!

 Pday is Monday I think... so I'll email then!! But today we are relaxing and taking naps and eating!! It's pretty nice! :) then tomorrow we have orientation and stuff!! 

But good luck to Ashley!! I love her to death!! :) 

Pictures will be on facebook tonight is what President Lopez said!! So check tomorrow for you or whatever! :) I love you all!! :)

 Palangga ko kamo!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot!! :)

 10 Elders and 10 Sisters arrived May 8, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wk 5: Last P-day in the MTC!! :)

 Package from Matt (Elder King)
 Me and Ben (Hellewell)
 our District


 -yes, we were hitting it with a brush!
 temple walk- our district
This is for sure the GIRLS BATHROOM!?! 
 ..thanks, Sister Mullins :)

 Sister Nielsen- out of quarantine today!
 some of our zone

FAMILY!!!! :)
Monday!! Well it was pday, but that night we had class with Brother Daniels (our teacher for last week with Sister Salway) and went to the residence where Sister Roos had gotten a pinata and some party stuff in a package so we had a little fun half hour party before going to bed haha They have pictures somewhere else.. i'll get them to you

Tuesday!! Normal day! Taught Resli (sister salway) and devotional that night by Elder Evans (of the 70) he spoke about repentance!! It was pretty good!
Wednesday, we did service! Just a normal day!! Better Lesson with Resli!! Good short lesson with Jerry (Brother Daniels). Saw Grandma and Grandpa Smoot!! :) Love them!! :)
Thursday, Found out our schedule was changing!! and found out p day wasn't going to be until today... I got a package from matt!! :) Made my day!! haha i was so surprised!! Had a pretty good lesson with Resli!! It's getting there!! :) Had TRC this night, it was still good, but sister nielsen was gone with new missionaries...
Friday, We had a wonderful Lesson with Resli!! :):) Got through to her!! The spirit was so strong!! And words literally came to my mouth!! And after Sister Salway came and talked to us about keeping whatever we did with us in every lesson!! It was truly incredible!! I loved it!! :)
Saturday, Good day!! normal... Last day for Brother Daniels! We taught each other as missionaries and Elder Evans and I taught each other and that was a really cool spiritual experience! I'm so happy I have the opportunity to be a missionary!! I am so grateful for everything our Father in Heaven has done for us :)
Sunday, I sang in church with Sister Sefeti and Elder Vanwagener. We sang Teach me to Walk in the light! It was fun! :) I am so glad and lucky I had the opportunity to sing with those beautiful voices!! :) I love their voices so much! It was a normal sunday again!! :) Haven't had a ton of those.. but The Young Women's President spoke to us in relief society! It was amazing! :) That night at the devotional, we had Elder and sister Allen speak to us and it was incredible!! Elder Allen is such a fun entertaining speaker that speaks literally with power and gets everyone involved. It's way cool!
Monday, was a weird day. We went to do service and started laundry and everything and finished it. Anyways I went to the clinic with sister nielsen and next thing I know she has influenza and is going to be in quarantined for 3 to 4 days... and my whole district and room are having to take a tamiflu once a day for 10 days to keep us from getting the flu!! :) haha it's been an interesting couple of days, but still good!!
Tuesday, was super long and very strange not having sister nielsen with me. I observed lessons when the other two companionships taught Resli so that was cool! but just different :) but good!! This night we had a devotional by Packer (of the 70) i think Elder Packer's son. He spoke about families. It was cool!! Especially knowing how we are going to teach our spiritual families!
Wednesday, did something similar to tuesday.. observed resli's lessons but then our other teacher who has jumped in twice now (the first time i was at the clinic with sister nielsen. His name is Brother Oldroyd and I just went in as a member with Sister Sefeti and Sister Mullans. It was cool!! :) I loved it!! :)
Anyways then today... our temple time isn't until 3 40 today so we go then and we have TRC and class tonight :) I will try to send pictures today but I have to run to the clinic right now with sister nielsen to get an imunization. but i will send my memory card home no matter what!!
Love you all!! Thank you for all you do and for supporting me!! :) miss you!! but we will see each other again before we know it!! :)
Love, Sister Smoot!! (Jenna)