Monday, May 20, 2013

Wk 8- FAMILY!! :)

Life is good!! A mission is hard, but it's so rewarding! I don't know how I ended up here in the Philippines but i'm sure glad i did! :)

So everyday is pretty much the same! We get up exercise, eat breakfast, and get ready for studies by eight. Personal Study for an Hour, companionship study for 2 hours (for my first 12 weeks) then language study, lunch, then go out! that's most days (i think i told you the rest) 

Anyways lately we've kind of gone to the same people roughly and they are all incredible! :) Charlie is getting baptized next sunday! ah!! :) Marlon has to work some things out before getting baptized, but he will get there! He's incredible and has so much faith and respect! :) 

Saturday was a different day, it was super fun!!! We did a normal morning and got to go out for like 7 hours I think. But, our plans kept falling through at first after we ate lunch. So we walk over and Sister Sanders gets this feeling like ok lets look at our ward list and see if we can find more less actives (some people they don't know where they're at) so we walked in looking for someone in BRGY 17 and sister sanders looks at me and asks which way to go or how do we find this particular person who was listed. I said, oh! lets ask that brother. So we went over to him and it ended up with us talking to someone else and then we went and sat down and someone else joined us! and we were surrounded by people. One brother was fanning us with a piece of cardboard and then a sister comes over and holds an unbrella over us. it was funny! anyways, we start talking to them (more sister sanders because i don't know hiligaynon) and he had a ton of questions! it was incredible! The spirit was so strong! the brother that joined us (Raffy) ended up coming to church yesterday and is coming to church next week also! The spirit is so incredible and it truly does lead you in crazy directions!

Also something I saw walking into BRGY 20 was someone who hung their hammock under their semi truck sleeping. Kinda funny! :)

Fruits are also incredible here! I can't remember what they are called! but their mangos are so good! :) and we had a ice candy thing which is like little slushie/popcicle thing in a bag! super good like a mango cut up with some condensed milk stuff!! super good!! :) 

Anyways! :) It's been a good week! :) I can't believe your breeding princess!! AHH!! :):) super excited!!!! :) How's JJ doing?? How's all our animals?? 

Ruger!! so cute!! and Lynden's birthday!! AHH!! I love it!! :) I can't believe they are doing so good! I'm glad Talia's still doing good too :) So how long does it take for his tonsils to heal?? anyways!! I love you family!! you're the best family I could ever ask for!! Remember to read your scriptures and do family home evening and pray. You can't come closer to Heavenly Father without those!! Tell Jade to read the book of mormon now before he is ready for his mission as well as tayton :) It's good to get to know it and memorize where scriptures are and reading it helps you know that!! :) 

Tell Jade Happy Birthday for me tomorrow please!! I love him and hope his day is wonderful!! :) I can't believe he'll be 17! haha :) So happy for him!! and I love him to death! :) Please let him know!! :)

Well, I love you family!! Glad to hear you're all doing well!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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