Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wk 5: Last P-day in the MTC!! :)

 Package from Matt (Elder King)
 Me and Ben (Hellewell)
 our District


 -yes, we were hitting it with a brush!
 temple walk- our district
This is for sure the GIRLS BATHROOM!?! 
 ..thanks, Sister Mullins :)

 Sister Nielsen- out of quarantine today!
 some of our zone

FAMILY!!!! :)
Monday!! Well it was pday, but that night we had class with Brother Daniels (our teacher for last week with Sister Salway) and went to the residence where Sister Roos had gotten a pinata and some party stuff in a package so we had a little fun half hour party before going to bed haha They have pictures somewhere else.. i'll get them to you

Tuesday!! Normal day! Taught Resli (sister salway) and devotional that night by Elder Evans (of the 70) he spoke about repentance!! It was pretty good!
Wednesday, we did service! Just a normal day!! Better Lesson with Resli!! Good short lesson with Jerry (Brother Daniels). Saw Grandma and Grandpa Smoot!! :) Love them!! :)
Thursday, Found out our schedule was changing!! and found out p day wasn't going to be until today... I got a package from matt!! :) Made my day!! haha i was so surprised!! Had a pretty good lesson with Resli!! It's getting there!! :) Had TRC this night, it was still good, but sister nielsen was gone with new missionaries...
Friday, We had a wonderful Lesson with Resli!! :):) Got through to her!! The spirit was so strong!! And words literally came to my mouth!! And after Sister Salway came and talked to us about keeping whatever we did with us in every lesson!! It was truly incredible!! I loved it!! :)
Saturday, Good day!! normal... Last day for Brother Daniels! We taught each other as missionaries and Elder Evans and I taught each other and that was a really cool spiritual experience! I'm so happy I have the opportunity to be a missionary!! I am so grateful for everything our Father in Heaven has done for us :)
Sunday, I sang in church with Sister Sefeti and Elder Vanwagener. We sang Teach me to Walk in the light! It was fun! :) I am so glad and lucky I had the opportunity to sing with those beautiful voices!! :) I love their voices so much! It was a normal sunday again!! :) Haven't had a ton of those.. but The Young Women's President spoke to us in relief society! It was amazing! :) That night at the devotional, we had Elder and sister Allen speak to us and it was incredible!! Elder Allen is such a fun entertaining speaker that speaks literally with power and gets everyone involved. It's way cool!
Monday, was a weird day. We went to do service and started laundry and everything and finished it. Anyways I went to the clinic with sister nielsen and next thing I know she has influenza and is going to be in quarantined for 3 to 4 days... and my whole district and room are having to take a tamiflu once a day for 10 days to keep us from getting the flu!! :) haha it's been an interesting couple of days, but still good!!
Tuesday, was super long and very strange not having sister nielsen with me. I observed lessons when the other two companionships taught Resli so that was cool! but just different :) but good!! This night we had a devotional by Packer (of the 70) i think Elder Packer's son. He spoke about families. It was cool!! Especially knowing how we are going to teach our spiritual families!
Wednesday, did something similar to tuesday.. observed resli's lessons but then our other teacher who has jumped in twice now (the first time i was at the clinic with sister nielsen. His name is Brother Oldroyd and I just went in as a member with Sister Sefeti and Sister Mullans. It was cool!! :) I loved it!! :)
Anyways then today... our temple time isn't until 3 40 today so we go then and we have TRC and class tonight :) I will try to send pictures today but I have to run to the clinic right now with sister nielsen to get an imunization. but i will send my memory card home no matter what!!
Love you all!! Thank you for all you do and for supporting me!! :) miss you!! but we will see each other again before we know it!! :)
Love, Sister Smoot!! (Jenna)

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