Monday, May 13, 2013

Wk 7- 1st week in the field!! :)

Jenna's trainer- Sister Sanders


Wow!! Let me just say the Philippines is hot, but awesome!! :) I love it here!! I am lost in most everything. I can pick out Hiligaynon words here and there and  they speak a little english which is kinda cool! but My companion is american and her name is Sister Sanders! She's aweomse!! I love her to death! :) She's incredible!! :)

We have taught some lessons and have 4 with a baptismal date, but 2 of them have been moved a couple times, but the other 2 (Marlon and Charley) are incredible!! They have a baptismal date in 2 weeks! :)

It's super sad here seeing everyone in the conditions they are in. We have a super nice apartment for being here! We do have AC and hot showers, but don't use them! our AC  is shut off and the heater is unplugged in our shower!

All the lessons we teach are awesome! haha i am super lost, but the little english they throw in plus the words i know in hiligaynon i kind of follow, it's hard though! I just bare my testimony so far. i feel like it's easier to understand then to speak, because the order and with ang sang and sa i get all mixed up! (i can explain better later) but anyways haha you know!! 

Charley is one that trys to speak english to me and helps me speak hiligaynon  he's a funny one! Yesterday, he told me "open your bag" but he was really trying to tell me my bag was open! super funny!! but he also told me yesterday when we taught him tithing. In english with a philippino accent, he said i know what you are teaching is true. it was super awesome! Just gave me butterflies because this is so true!! I love this place so much!! It's super awesome how much faith they have!! 

Well it's been a good time in the philippines and i'm doing just fine!! Best place ever!! :) I love you to death!! i'll try to send pictures now!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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