Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day call - one day later...

We had our Mother's Day call one day after Mother's day for us- two for Jenna!  She is 14 hours ahead, so she would have called on Monday to talk with us on Sunday.  On Monday they had the Philippines election day and businesses are generally closed.  So the Mission President gave permission to call Tuesday morning, which was Monday night for us.  It was a fun call, we got to hear her speak some Hiligaynon.  I hope you enjoy these quick pics from our Skype call. She seems very happy doing the work. She loves her companion and said the Filipinos are so nice! They have gotten lost a few times, but it sounds like things are going very well.  She is assigned the Bacolod 1st Ward.

She has a wonderful trainer. :) Sister Sanders

Seeing Talia and Lynden

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