Monday, May 27, 2013

Wk 9- wow!! What a week!!

 Lunch with Sister Sinema at the Chicken House! 

I'm not even sure where to start!! ah!! haha um it's been a good week!! We also had a baptism yesterday!! Charlie :) He was super nervous and was shaking so bad, but he seemed so happy after :) on sunday he will be confirmed! So lets see...
I feel like I've been a bit homesick this week and I know that it's normal, but just advice, it happens!! Some people are amazed I am here because I've never moved out before and now I'm here in the Philippines haha. It's kinda funny but seriously!! The people here are incredible!! Sister Sinema is like having a mom here in the mission field to help me and my companion! She's incredible!! We went to lunch with her one day and that was good! We went to chicken house! It was pretty good!! :) 

Can I just say how much heavenly father is really here for us and how much he helps us!! Last night, I thought I was over the homesickness thing, but I started getting a little frustrated with myself because I am scared to speak the language if I am unsure if it's right, so I speak english instead most of the time, but I am trying to do better!! I know a lot more then i think I do is what Sister Sanders always tells me, but I am getting there. Just advice to everyone going on a mission. It's hard, but there's no where else I'd rather be!! I have never felt Heavenly Father's love like I have here and especially last night. Sister Sanders was telling me these things then she felt like I needed to call Elder Anderson. I called him and while talking to him I started bawling!! I felt so dumb, because I was like why am I crying right now?! but then I asked him for a blessing and he said he could come this morning and told me that my Heavenly Father Loved me and that I am his daughter and I can do this. It was the sweetest thing ever! It reminded me of something dad would say and it was just what I needed! Then (this is all during personal study) we get a call from Elder Eagen (our Zone Leader) just checking up on us and he was calling everyone in our zone. Then we hang up and he calls back and he talks to sister sanders then to me and he starts telling me things like when he first got here his sister had died and that he thought so much about going home but he's so glad he didn't!! It's not like I want to go home, I am so glad I am here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now!! But I've really missed home a lot this week. But Now long story short Elder Eagen is giving me a blessing this afternoon. He felt like he needed to call me and it comforted me a ton and offered me a blessing so I just told Elder Anderson that if it'd be easier for him, Elder Eagen can give me a blessing. But seriously! I'm not even sure if this makes sense, but I know that  I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father! We are all children of our Heavenly Father and I know he loves each and everyone of us!! I was so overwhelmed last night, I can't even describe the feeling.

But one thing, NEVER ignore a slight nudge you feel from the spirit to do something! If it's not going to hurt anyone, do it! Elder Eagen, even though he just called, called again and even though that may seem so simple some people may not have done it, but it comforted me so much!! I am so grateful for him and for everyone that's here with me on a mission!!

I know Heavenly Father put me here so i can feel his love and he put people with me that are truly incredible and that can help me!! Just do what Heavenly Father asks you to :) that's what I learned this week! Also, pray to him and pour your heart out to him! It really helps!! I didn't know I really needed this much help and realized how much I was actually holding in until I said something so simple about the language to my companion. I pray to my heavenly father so much and I feel his love everyday!! :) Do it! It's powerful and it works!! :) It was a good week though! i promise! That's just something I felt like I needed to write home and say! :) 

I am so grateful for my family and I am so happy Heavenly Father put me in such an incredible family with such incredible parents!! :) Thank you for everything!! :) Everyone who I know has touched my life in different ways and now I am here in the Philippines helping others feel the love I feel from my Heavenly Father and how much Christ's Atonement truly helps!! :)

Palangga gid ko kamo!! :):)

Love, Sister Smoot :)

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