Monday, June 3, 2013

Wk 10- AY WOW!!! :) (eye wow is how you say it)


Oh wow! I love you all :) I'm so grateful for your courage and support while i'm out here! It helps :) 

ok so I have written in my journal this week but i can't remember which day is what and time is going so fast, so I will write about a couple things that happened this week. :)

This week we thought we were doing so good!! And then yesterday, we had one investigator that doesn't have time for us to teach him or come to church. haha It's kinda funny how investigators go on the same swings. We had 9 investigators at church last week and they decided to stop. We are doing our best to not get down on ourselves about it all though because we have the lord on our side and we can keep going!! :)

yesterday, Charlie got confirmed!! :) YAY!!! :) A recent convert, Esmael, was so excited for him! and Charlie was super excited!! :) We also had something I'd never seen before, child blessings. There were 5 yesterday!! All different ages, but older then a normal blessing. Marlin's 2 youngest children, Gillian and Kurt were blessed and recieved names! It was way good :) Gillians said she'd be a missionary!! :) Marlin's a recent convert! She just got baptized before I got here. We teach BRGY 20 at hear house all the time :) They are truly incredible people with the strongest testimonies! :) AH! I love them all!!

The people here are the reason I am here! They are people who want to (even if they don't know it yet) come closer unto Christ!! :) They truly do!

One of our investigators is an interesting one, but so fun! His name is Raffy! He is the one that has an incredible voice and his son did a tv show competition with his singing! His son is 7! It was truly incredible! I felt like I was watching like Britain's got talent when he sang! But Raffy is the dad and has coached him and everything! But he is a 7th day Adventist and I'm not sure much about that religion but they keep the Sabbath day holy so he liked that an he likes that we have the king james version of the bible :) He is super interested and wants to know everything about the Book of Mormon before he decides to be baptized!! But he's not married just lives with his 
wife and has 2 kids. The 7 year old and a baby who's i think 2 months old. But he is so interested so we took him to a baptism on sat. He keeps asking if it's bad to be baptized again, but we explain about the authority and everything, but he's still thinking :) He's incredible though and i can just see his potential and his interest! It's so cool! :) We took him to a baptism on saturday and it confused him a little, but he likes the idea of families being together forever! But he's incredible and I know he is a son of God and if he prays sincerely he will find out the truth :) 

Well That's a couple of our investigators! I love you all so much!! I miss you too, but i wouldn't want to be anywhere else!! This is the best place for me right now and I am going to enjoy it while I'm here! 

I can't believe I'm a missionary for my Father in Heaven and being a representative of Jesus Christ is the best thing that could ever happen to me!!  I love being a missionary!! Thank you for everything mom and dad and family!! :) I love you all so much!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot :)

A few questions we asked this week:

-more about the chicken house from last week:
 yes the chicken house is a restaurant it's super cute and good :) i like it!

-more about the baptism last week (Charlie):
 they were teaching charlie when i got here :) before i got here he was baptist and
didn't really want to change, but he gained a testimony and changed a ton! He is so
strong! I love him! he stands up for himself and for him being baptized too! He's
incredible! AH! the people here are amazing! :)

-do you have a flushing toilet? (alot do not!):
 I do in my apartment right now... i've gone to the bathroom on toilets that you dump a
bucket of water down them to flush and i'm trying to master that one still :)

-did you figure out if the cafe has a virus scanner so you can send pictures?:
 I will try and ask if i have enough time at the end of today :)   (she never has time!)

-how good is your deodorant working?:
I don't notice a ton. I just sweat all over or I'm by a fan so I'm good!

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