Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sister Smoot sent pictures :)

Sister Smoot sent a letter with a stack of printed pictures.  I scanned them in so that everyone could see them. I'm glad we don't have to do laundry like she is doing. :)

Japorm, Charlie, and Sis. Smoot

Sis Sanders, Sis Smoot, and Charlie - First Baptism

We got fruit

First time doing laundry

Where we eat!
Our bedroom
Sis Smoot, Laura, Sis Sanders - We worked with Laura & still do sometimes - She's in our ward and is 19, and a member of our Stake Presidency's daughter.  She's working on her mission papers.

We went to drop off Laura one night and they invited us to eat dinner. Laura took the picture.

Kaylee sent a greenie package - loved the masks!
My first meal in Bacolod - Pancit
(We were wondering why the 7-up  wasn't clear)
Bucket Showers outside the Pres. house - Elders use these
Eggs in a nest in the Pres. backyard.
Going to Bacolod - Sis Smoot, Sis Sefetti, and Sis Roos

Trees - love them!
Elder Stagg on the plane - I gave him my pillow and he was gone

Elder Vanwagoner on the plane

Elders - Manilla to Bacolod
Our hotel in Manilla - We each got our own bed
TV in Manilla hotel
Heading to the hotel in Manilla- I rode shotgun!

My MTC Comp - Met back up in Tokyo

Sisters - Manilla to Bacolod

We are in Tokyo!

We went the wrong way, so we went back :)

We went through this hall at the airport, it was sweet

My travel group - Elder Vanwagoner, Elder Stagg, Sis Smoot, and Sis Sefetti
On the plane - Sis Smoot and Sis Safetti

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