Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wk 12- wow!! what a week! :)


(Jenna is answering quite a few questions we asked, so I thought I'd better put the questions in so it made sense!)

*noticed you had training this week? (the mission president posts pics on facebook!)- but you were missing in some of the pics? were you late?!:

 haha the training we were right on time for.. but then i had to go to the bathroom... we got told to go to a gate that the ap's always go through and they wouldn't let us through so we had to walk like clear around and it was kind of funny :) president's clock on his wall is like 10 minutes ahead. but they started while i was in the bathroom :) I wasn't hiding from the camera... we smiled for some pictures :) 

At the training, we just talked about our vision and cleared up some rules, because they've been changing so much. We also talked about how we can make our studies better and companionship studies better. :) He also wants us to step up because they're are a whole lot of missionaries coming in and we will be done training after this next transfer! That scares me, but I know the lord will do whatever he needs to with me and I will be able to handle it! He just said that to scare us a little I think. But It is transfer week, so that's crazy! I've already been here as long as I was in the MTC!! Time seems to fly but still feels like forever! It's a weird feeling! 

*We had to put down our horse JJ this week- we've had him for almost 15 years!:

I am so happy JJ is free from his pain!! He's incredible and I know dad did the right thing for him :) I'm proud of him! We will all miss him but he will be with us again one day :) I'm grateful to have been able to have him as a horse! :) He's incredible!! And when I get home dad, I want to learn better how to saddle up horses and stuff sige? :) How's Princess doing?? and how's Dolly and Dusty? and April?? I love that we have animals and they are in the conditions they are in! :) Animal's here, usually stray but they aren't in the best conditions. They look better than the one picture we were shown for the most part, but they still are sad. I love them though! 

JADE!!! YOU HIT A HOMERUN!!! SOO PROUD OF YOU!!! AHHH!!! :) YAY!!! GO JADERS!!! (that was me cheering when you hit it) I LOVE YOU!! :) and Tayton got a job before jade? haha that's funny :) but cool!! That's awesome!! :) 

Anyways, my weeks been good!! This week I feel like me and my companion have been straight led by the spirit!! It's incredible!! We found a less active yesterday and found out missionaries haven't taught him in 3 years! I don't even know what all to tell you! All I know is that if you are exactly obedient and do your best to be the best you can be, miracles seriously do happen and I love it!! :) it's incredible!! :) 

This week... well a fire truck was outside of BRGY 20 and I found out their electricity doesn't shut off here if something goes wrong... that's why we always have to unplug everything when it's not being used. Anyways, it led us to contact a referral we had received who was taught before but it's been a while. It's also kinda crazy the different things people think about our religion, but it's awesome to help them really understand! :) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! :)

*She sent home her ipod because her mission president doesn't allow them, I asked if she missed music, if she wanted any sheet music, or if she could ever hear the song that Candace wrote that she sang before she left:

I do miss music, but i know we aren't suppose to have it for a reason, if we were, it wouldn't be against the rules for it. We get use to it. Sometimes, since my companion is also a singer, we will sing around the apartment, but then we always sing songs we shouldn't so we start singing oh Babylon oh babylon we bid the farewell! Because we are only suppose to sing hymns :) Which I have shared the words of those songs with my comp and am super sad i can't sing them :( but i don't know! I would love to hear the song, but i don't know how!  I may be able to get permission to hear it, because I want to really bad!! Maybe different arrangements of hymns would be good sheet music?? 

*Do you eat 3 meals a day? by yourselves? or with others?:

Most the time it's by ourselves and yes we do eat 3 meals a day. Somedays we will eat dinner late, but no we usually schedule it in and come home and eat or eat at someones house, but it's only been a few times that we eat at someone's house. Now we have a new family, the Analucas family, that everytime we go there we eat something. Last night we were going to just eat dinner late, but we ended up eating at their house they fed us isdo (fish), but i can't remember the ilonggo name for it but it's milk fish!! :) It was really good!! it had little bones but it tasted like chicken a little but super good!! and they were helping me eat with my hands, that with rice and soy sauce is huge here!! Super good!! OH!! I LOVE THE FOOD! :) Don't worry.. I eat enough :) I'm trying not to eat too much :) They always offer us pamahaw (snack). always!! and yes i do better somedays with water and healthiness, but other days are rough. it just depends :) I promise I'm good though!! :)

*Do you use your converter (since she sent home her blow dryer, curling iron, etc):

The converter i use to plug in my camera and that's it and it's only sometimes.. but my companion doesn't use one she took a chance plugged in her camera and it didn't do anything... but i'm a little scared too..

*Ashley (Jenna's cousin) gets to the same mission this week! Will you be able to see her?:

My guess is I won't see her... but I don't know for a fact... It's very strict here I'm scared to ask anything. 

*Do you still go running every day? How does the heat affect you?:

The running is good... I want to go a lot more than my companion does. She doesn't like running at all. It's not bad when we do cuz we don't go far and it's ok while you're running, but when you stop I start sweating so I start like swimming in my sweat, but we usually just hurry and take turns in the shower so it's not bad. 

*you have 3 beds in your bedroom? Do you have a closet?:

I sleep on the bottom bunk... haha My comp sleeps on the mattress on the big bed.. don't ask me why there's an extra mattress... it was like that when i got here. I think they may have used it on the floor once for departing missionaries then just threw it up on the bed?? but i don't know. We just have little cupboard like things for our closets i'll take a picture next time :)

*you walk everywhere? What stores do you have close?:

. we just walk to where we need to go it's not too bad :) I don't know.. we don't go to that many stores. We go to lopues which is groceries and clothes and everything else and upstairs they have bowling which we have done :) it's fun! 

Well! I hope i answered your questions!! That took a while! haha :) I love you!!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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