Monday, June 24, 2013

Wk 13- Maayong Gabi!! :) (that's good evening)

Ok so this week has been good!! ASHLEY IS IN MY ZONE!! I haven't seen her yet but I'll see her on Wednesday at Zone Conference. :) and I haven't gotten my package yet.. I'm not sure where it's at or what she did with it. I haven't gotten any packages yet... but it may just take longer. Sige, so I will try the day by day thing again :)

Monday was p day, but that night my lola came!! (grandma) my nanay's nanay!! or trainer's trainer :) haha Her name is sister Maputi which means white in hiligaynon so we put on her tags and took pictures :) haha because we are white! :) It's really funny when we see other American's here. But sister maputi went home and because we are so close she stayed and worked with us monday night then left the next morning. :)

Tuesday, Bishop Pioquinto and his wife worked with us! And I learned that they have different words in Hiligaynon if the rice is cooked, if it's not cooked and if it's overcooked. There may be a few more too and I wrote them down and still need to memorize those ones. :) haha 

Wednesday, I went to the hospital with my companion to visit Marlin and her son, Kurt, who has pneumonia. Different experience but good :) It's incredible seeing these people and their faith through things :) I love it!

Thursday... I can't remember much my days blend together... 

Friday, We went to teach a family out of our area that is a family of sisters, but now there's sisters there instead of elders, so i think they will now take them :) Sad, because they are so sweet, We only visited them twice. Hopefully they progress because they would be incredible!! They would still be in our ward. We have instead of two sisters and two elders in our ward we have 5 sisters. The other sisters are a trio now. There are 2 trainees from Ashley's batch in the trio. So crazy how many sisters are here! 20 sisters came on Wednesday!! 

Saturday, oh well I learned that sometimes people just shower in the open the night before. That's all I will say. I also learned how incredible the spirit is and how much it truly helps people understand and grasp what we are teaching them. We have Raffy back and he hadn't remembered much from the Restoration when we taught him, but now he actually understands what a prophet is and who Joseph Smith is! It was incredible when it just clicked!! I love the spirit! And I know that only through the spirit that can happen! :) We also had taught a family and the dad was drunk when he came home. It was a different lesson then I've ever taught. He liked to talk a lot. :) Wonderful family though!! I love them to death!! 

Sunday, oh wow!! Sunday!! We had 12 investigators at church!! It was crazy!! And 305 attendance which is a record. Each week, it keeps growing. We barely have room in there and last week we tried to open the back but the kids go play in the gym, so i'm not sure what's going to happen, but it keeps growing each week!! :) They don't have an overflow here like they do at home. We also have Reyboy who is an incredible missionary!! We didn't even count the 9 little boys in the 12 investigators that he brought to church. He's not even a member yet, but he's incredible!! He's still trying to realize the testimony he has, but I know that he will and he has changed so much!! We also have JohnPaul who I am starting to see just glow as he lets the gospel into his life and slowly does less and less cigarettes each day!!

This is so the true church and I am so grateful for it!! :) I am so happy I am a missionary!! I love it so much!! I love helping the people here!! Oh and last night we taught a lesson to BRGY 20 (which JohnPaul is there) and we had sister Marlin's house full of people. The spirit was so strong!! I understood most of what my companion was saying and it was a really random lesson, we can't really remember what we said, but I know we were guided by the spirit to say whatever we did and I know it will help them, if they listen to what they felt! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! :)

I love you family!! Thank you for all that you do for me!! :) I truly am grateful for each an every one of you and to be Sister Smoot is wonderful!! Can't wait to see the other Sister Smoot!! :)

Love me, Sister Jenna Smoot :)

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