Monday, July 1, 2013

Wk 14- KAMUSTA KAMO?! :)

 Sister Smoot & Sister Smoot! 
(Ashley & Jenna are in the same zone!)
Bacolod, Bacolod North, and Cadiz Zones

Pamilya!! :)

I love you all!! :) ok so to answer your questions mom :) I am doing good drinking only the filtered water :) It's not too hard getting filtered water. Sometimes I don't drink enough and I get really light headed, but I'm doing good!! Brgy is like an address place that is somtimes huge and has multiple houses here and we just have to go ask around. It's really hard to explain. Addresses are hard and different here. 

My hiligaynon is getting better I think.. Well I don't think but my companion said it's getting a ton better! :) So that's good! I can understand better then I can speak but I know I have the gift of interpretation and am getting the gift of tongues. It's truly crazy! 

I haven't gotten my package from Ashley but I probably will tomorrow. I got your other package on wednesday! It's so awesome! Thank you! My favorite food and candy! I love the sugar free carmel nib things! And everything else that was in it!! Thank you thank you thank you!! The shirt is super cute too :) and perfect style for here!! I don't have anything like it! thank you again! :)

I think i'm good :) maybe the refill things just next time you send a package with yellow and orange :) you sent the other colors that I love! And I don't have purple in my pencil yet so i'm excited for that! but no rush for those! I'm not even close to being out! So just in a few months :) Don't send too big of packages mom! It's expensive!! 

Running... I don't do it everyday but I am doing the card things and running up and down the stairs which makes me super sore and it makes it difficult to kneel which I have to do a lot during each day haha but it's awesome! i hope i'm staying in shape, but at houses people give us bread for a pamahaw (snack) it's also the word for breakfast, but yeah then we need to eat that, but me and my companion eat mangos and bananas everyday with energen and water or milk! We love it!! :) haha it's so good!!

Tell everyone that asked about me hello and I love them all! :) just tell everyone I say hello :) We are so blessed to know the people we do :) And I'm so blessed to have the family that I do! :)

To answer dad's questions haha... sige means okay :) The language is doing good! It's sometimes difficult but I think it's slowly getting better! I hear it's a good 6 or 7 months before you actually get the language but I'm getting better and short conversations with people and acting things out sometimes :) or having my companion translate for me or them :) haha Yes! I got my package wednesday and should get the one from ashley tomorrow :) haha I haven't seen ashley since zone conference but I might see her tomorrow i don't know! because she's in my zone our zone has their district meetings all at the same church :) We listened to the broadcast at zone conference! So cool!! We do have to wait as they said, until they say it's our time for our mission to use the online tools and stuff but hopefully by next year is what we were told :)

SAKIT!!!!! (anytime someones sick or something hurts) DAD!!! AGAY!! (ouch) I hope your hand and elbow are okay!! :) I love you!! :) You're amazing!! :) haha 

Well, This week for me.... 

Monday, we had FHE at Marlin's :) We did a lesson about repentance and becoming clean with water, food coloring, and bleach :) it was kinda cool :) haha and we played some fun games! I'll try to send some pictures and videos of that and some talents they did when they lost :) haha but i don't know if it will work. 

Tuesday, i don't really remember and i didn't write much in my journal about it :) oops!! 

Wednesday, We had zone conference!! When I saw Ashley she made me start crying! What is this smoot gene?? it's ok though all is well! And I can't write her, but hopefully i see her every once in a while :) We watched the broadcast and learned a lot of President and his wife!! It was very good!! :) I found out Sister Lopez and her mom and grandma were all born on August 10th! cool huh!! :) 

Thursday, We were led by the spirit to go to Gretchel's (a less active) and had an incredible lesson and committed a few of her neighbors to baptism :) Love them all they are so sweet! I also had my first experience with a huge spider!! They said it wasn't that big, but trust me it was big!! I took some pictures of it, so i'll see if i can send those. :)

Friday, It's cool how the spirit works!! We were walking down the street and people are so nice here!! I accidently stepped in a puddle and splashed sister sanders oops! and it's like black water our legs get dirty here when it's rainy, but this kind sister offered some water to wash it off and we gave her a pamphlet :) it was cool! haha

Saturday morning, we had a very spiritual lesson and we ended getting the Rassmasons (don't know if that is how you spell it but they are a couple missionary here) to come with us to an appointment, because we needed a babae (girl) to be with us to teach these 2 brothers. It was incredible!! The one we hadn't taught before teared up and asked how he can find out if our church is true after we told about the restoration and about Joseph Smith! It was so cool!! :)

Sunday, Happy Birthday Matt!! :) It was fifth sunday so it was combined we taught some lessons and went home. Sister Sanders was having a rough time after one lesson we taught at the church. She got a blessing and let me just say the Priesthood is so powerful! It's incredible!! Always be worthy when you hold the priesthood! It's powerful and it's awesome! Charlie also got the priesthood!! :) and is ordained to the office of a priest!! yay!! :)

Monday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!! :):) Love you!! :)

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