Monday, July 8, 2013

Wk 15- GALIT!!! :) (means like "light bulb" or "oh duh" like you just realized something)

Area: Bacolod 1st Ward
Companion: Sister Sanders

Monday we had sister training leaders stay with us and that was fun! :) 

Tuesday, we had a lesson that we taught the Arsenio family! Sister Emerin (16 years old) she was having a really hard time at school because she can't see. She said she'd been praying for years to be able to see and do better in school. I told her that Heavenly Father doesn't always answer prayers the way she wants and it's incredible it was like a light bulb for her. She realized something she hadn't before. She also told the young women yesterday that she wanted to be baptized!! :) 

Wednesday, we had zone training! :) Sat right by Ashley :) haha so much fun! also got the package from her!! Thank you so much momma :) i love it!! :) I also got a letter from  Jessie and Elder Pulispher who brought in the mail had put a letter from matt in my hymn book in the page we were going to sing for the opening song haha :) I found it then :) It was funny! But we had a very good training and are very focused on our vision here and I can see it start happening with us and the baptisms we have scheduled!! :)

Thursday, Reyboy had his baptismal interview because of some things that came up from his past, but he is still good to be baptized on the 13!! He truly is incredible!! So strong and spiritual! always invites people to our lessons and is always with us! :) 

Friday, HAPPY FOURTH!!! :) we went crazy and wore red, white and blue :) hahahaha i didn't have much but i found what i could :) It was a good day! We taught reyboy again with stephani then we walked to another appointment and reyboy came with us! haha and we ended up in a brgy that was flooded with water and up to our knees! I have pictures.. but i already tried to upload them and it didn't work it failed so i'll print off pictures and send them... i guess it's just not suppose to happen sorry!! But the house we ended up in was Grezel's house and our investigators are turning into missionaries!! Marlon has taught her how to pray and is helping her (she's 12) come to church and stuff!! It's so cool!! Marlon is scheduled for August 3rd. We also had Reyboy with us and he taught her all about Joseph Smith and before he was having a really hard time grasping it! We had to teach him a few times it was incredible!!! 

Saturday, Johnpaul smoked his last cigarette!!! And he's still doing good!! so happy for him and excited for him to be bapitized on August 3rd also!! :) We also had the spirit hit us strong in BRGY 20 teaching them all this night. It's truly incredible being a missionary and seeing these people change! I love them all!! :) 

Sunday, Reyboy bore his testimony in sacrament meeting!! He's getting baptized saturday! He also brought a whole bunch a little kids from BRGY 27 with him to church haha. It's awesome to see how much and how happy people are when they let the gospel in their life!! Reyboy also fasted because we taught him about fasting and donated fast offerings with our help!! It was incredible!! I love being a missionary!!

Well it's been a good week!! I love you all!! :) :) Palangga ko kamo gid!! :):)

Palangga, Sister Smoot :)

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