Monday, July 29, 2013

Wk 18- Transfer Week!

Area: Bacolod Proper (1st ward)
Companion: Sister Sanders
Laura- (her dad is a member of our Stake Presidency)
she's waiting for her mission call!

This week has been a good week! :)
Monday, we just moved! :) we cleaned and moved everything out. Then took everything to our house and went back and finished cleaning! It was a lovely day. Then when we got back to our apartment, we hadn't shopped or done our laundry yet and it was 5:30 so that's what we did the rest the day. :)
Tuesday, in the morning i went to get in the shower and Sister Sanders screamed so loud! I ran out like what's going on! haha... She had a cockroach in her suitcase :) haha we've had a few of those at our new apartment but we are spraying permytherin. Well we did today. :) But then we went on exchanges! So cool!! I was with Sister Arnold and I went to her area. It was more country. I felt like I was in the mountains! :) it was awesome! and we taught 8 lessons in a shorter amount of time and got a ton of new investigators! It was cool!! We were completely led by the spirit and I had the gift of tongues! I love this work! It's incredible how it all just works! I have some pictures too i'll figure out how to send those home :) even if i need to print them off!
Wednesday, we had a good day! I had studies with Sister Arnold and learned more from her then went back to my area and it was awesome! It's crazy how you can not feel the spirit in one place, go say a prayer with your companion, and end up in an incredibly spiritual lesson the next. I just want to say the power of prayer is incredible and it really does help if your struggling because Heavenly Father really does love each of us and helps us through EVERYTHING!! :)
The next couple days were a little rough.... happy and sad and rough, just with some of our investigators, but it's ok because whatever happens will happen and they will do what they need to do one day as long as I pray and do the best I can for them!
Saturday, was good! We got up and were going to go to a service project then it just worked out that we couldn't go. We needed to be there and it's a good thing because we had an appointment and the got back a lot later then they thought they would, but maybe one day i'll get the chance to plant man groves. :) haha but then we went to a new investigator family that are a referral from someone in our stake presidency. It's their cousin, I think. But, it was our second visit, they treat us very well, and I'm excited to continue helping them, but they are only available on saturdays but we'll see how it goes. :) We also had LynLyn's baptism! She's a less active sister who's returning's neighbor. She's 12 years old and she is awesome! I'll send a picture, but she is an incredible example to her family. :) Her mom and some neighbors came to her baptism. :) Sister Sanders and I got to go back with her when she went into the font! I'm so excited and happy for her! :)
Well, that's my week!! :) I love you all!! :) Padayon hasta sa katapuson! :) (endure or continue to the end) 

mom's questions:
*I don't know what's going to happen this week still. I'll find out the day before something happens.
*our new apartment is cute!! I haven't taken pictures of it but it has yellow walls and turquoise. Our bathroom is tiny! we sit on the toilet and our legs touch the wall... I'll take a picture and print it or figure out how to send it. :) It's just us 2 and it's about a 30 minute jeepney ride to our area. About 5 to 10 minutes in a car. (we rode with couples) Super cute though! :)
*I feel fully better as long as I drink my water which i am! :) my legs are still just getting over the rash but It's just a little red but i am fine!! :) I love feeling good and i feel fine!! i promise!! :) just don't worry ok? :) and yes i am using the terra shield... :) thank you! 

*I feel a lot better in the language actually! i'm starting to understand people and notice when i make mistakes. It's really starting to click! I am really enjoying it :) I love it here!! :)Yes i feel like i am getting there! I'm starting to get cold cuz it's raining a lot! But when it's hot it's really hot. but it's good :)
*i do have a mission bag :) i got one :) i don't know if it's the same but it works. not very cute. kinda manly but it works :)
*money i think i'm ok. I haven't used anything on my card yet at all my cards been packed away.. i don't know if i do run out of personal money do you want to send some or i can just use my card and let you know if i use it? just let me know! :)
*Thank you! I'll let you know when i get them :) sister sanders said hers usually takes about 3 weeks except for around christmas time it took a couple months but she's gotten all her packages. :) 

*yes, i usually print off emails and read them later :) 
dad's questions:
*I'm reading the book of mormon and studying preach my gospel :) best things ever!! I'll study them in personal study my whole mission because it's instructions from my mission president :)  

*We've had 3 baptisms now. We've had Charley, Reyboy, both 19 year old boys and LynLyn, a 12 year old girl! She was super cute! That was on saturday. :) We were going to have one this saturday also, but She didn't come to church so we need to move it to august 10 so as of now we have 4 baptisms on august 10th. I'm excited for them. :)

Palangga, Sister Smoot

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