Monday, July 22, 2013

Wk 17- Family!! :)

 Sister Lopez spending time teaching with Sister Smoot & Sanders

This week has been good! I've been getting over a mild dengue fever, but that's ok!! I'm pretty much over it! Just my rash needs to go away. :) but i feel much better today and will continue to feel better! :)
This week on monday we went to Sinema's house!! It was fun! I talked with Ashley the whole time and I loved it!! :) She is so sweet! I can't believe she is here as well and we are doing the same thing!! ah!! It makes my day everytime I see her :) She's lifted me up and helped me a lot! It's encouraging knowing she's here and Lacey's coming!! :)
We also had the pleasure to work with Sister Lopez on tuesday! Then she didn't get a picture with one of our investigators so she ended up working with us again on Thursday! She is truly incredible!! Her testimony and her spirit that she brings is amazing!! I really enjoyed the words she had to say and just having that opportunity to work with her. :) It's truly amazing how the spirit leads and guides each of us as missionaries! :)
I've slept a lot this week, but for the times I went out and worked it was good! :) and i'm ready to go work this week!! :)
I love you so much!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Keep being an example to everyone around you!! You're all amazing!! :)
Love, Sister Smoot

Additional info from other emails: 

yes we have a baptism this saturday and a few on august 3rd as well :) and a few after that too! it's awesome mom! and i'm ok just so you know :) no need to worry! I went to Dr. Deyro to see what was wrong with me because i broke out in a rash... anyway i found out i have a mild dengue fever. but i woke up this morning and it's going away just a red rash at first. but my fever is gone and i'm ok i just need to figure out how to keep the bugs away for sure :)

(how's your new apt?)i don't know we haven't been there yet but the ap's are moving out and we are moving in haha yes i'm sure we still have flushing toilets. most toilets here do flush but you just have to dump a bucket in them in order to get them to flush :) but our apartment we are moving out flushes with a button but also with a bucket of water too! do our toilets flush like that?? you should try it and let me know :)
) - (of course the boys tried it to make sure it works!)- (jenna said:) hahaha oh goodness :) i'm glad they are enjoying it! :) tell them not to waste too much water! :)

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