Monday, July 15, 2013

Wk 16- Amo na, gali??

Sister Smoot, Sister Sinema, Sister Smoot

I came down with a high fever yesterday and I'm just trying to get over it right now. I woke up not feeling good and i kept getting cold then really hot and i couldn't focus during church. but i guess it's like the dangy fever twin- I was told by our mission nurse sister chin- it's something which you get from mosquitos here but we just told her symptoms so i took like 2 cold (freezing) showers and layed by the fan forever. anyways my temperature when i got home from church yesterday was 103 with the little throw away thermometer my companion had and then it went down after i slept and showered once. Then after when the medicine wore off we checked it again cuz i wasn't feeling good. Again it was 104 and sister chin said to shower and drink water and take more medicine because if it didn't go down in 30 minutes i would have gone to the er. but then it went down and this morning it's gone from 98 and 99 (our zone leaders got us a real thermometer and i got a blessing after church so i'm doing better and i just need to stay cool and good :) i'll be ok though!! :) i just feel like i'm getting over being sick. If i stay on ibuprofen it stays down. :)

Anyways, so to answer your questions. The shirts are perfect :) thank you!! maybe bug spray?? I've been getting eaten alive by bugs and now it's not just all over my legs it's getting on my arms but maybe not because it may be better by the time that gets here but make sure Lacey has some because all americans get eaten alive when they come. :) mine are really bad though! and maybe a thermometer would be nice too and ibuprofen i don't know if they have it here but i definitely will check and let you know next week. :) I'm getting use to the bugs here. cockroaches still scare me and little lizards i'm use to but mosquitos i could do without :) The food is really good! They eat everything and cook everything here with garlic and onion and a lot of soy sauce. My companion always cooks with garlic and onion and i really like it! So everything i make that she's taught me how i make also with garlic and onion :) it's very good!! :) My companion is awesome!! :) it will be sad when i have to leave her :( but it's ok! it's God's will with whatever happens! :) I don't really know what to say. The houses are just different then here i don't really know how to explain them, but similar! My ward is awesome!! My companion said it's one of the best wards here. It's different, but very good :) I've been called many things here. I've been called barbie (which makes no sense but ok) and i've been called guapa a lot. We will walk down the street and everyone just looks at you. We say maayong hapon or gabi (good afternoon or evening) to almost everyone! It's really nice! I get treated pretty well here, don't worry :) I also walk into BRGY's sometimes and all the kids come grab our hands it's really cute! And if I focus on one i can understand what they are saying :) haha anyways

This week we had Johnpaul as well as Charlie bear their testimonies at FHE and we did a faith thing with a banana (if you remind me when i get home it's a cool lesson) but i taught the lesson because my companion made me. It was very short and in Ilonggo, but it was good :) 

On tuesday i saw ashley again when we planned for our zone activity today! we are going to sinema's :) i'm excited!!  we had exchanges. I was with Sister Portugal, she's a sister training leader and it was a cool and different experience being with a Philippine but it was fun! :) We also saw a viewing (they go for like a week here before the funeral) and it was just in their house in the main room. It was different but we went in and told them about the plan of salvation. Sister Portugal was just like lets go! so we did! It was sad, but kind of cool and we are going to visit them again after the funeral tomorrow

REYBOY WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! :) It was so cool! He was so happy!! :) I'm so happy for him! He's clean!! :) He was confirmed on Sunday also and it's cool how they just glow!! :) I'm so happy and excited for him!! :) But Sunday was rough too... i just know i went home from church and slept a lot. Got a blessing from Elder Anderson (a couple) and they brought the 2 office elders with them, Elder Pulsipher and Elder Cheney. It was very nice of them to come and give me a blessing. :) Anyways! That's been my week! :) 

Thanks for everything and your support in being here!! :) Palangga ko kamo!! (I love you all)

Love, Sister Smoot

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