Monday, June 10, 2013

Wk 11- another week in the field!! :)

Family!! :)

The mission is a roller coaster but it is truly rewarding!! I love it so much!! :) 

Monday... We had a family home evening with a soon to be returned less active sister and her 2 kids. We also had 2 sister training leaders because we live so close to where everyone meets at the church so they stayed with us monday night before their training on tuesday which was fun. It was different having Philippino sisters with us but it was fun! :) 

I can't remember every day but that was a different day :) haha Raffy one of our investigators that was really interested suddenly moved to Manilla a couple days ago, so that was kind of a sudden change. But we taught a few more first lessons and just trying to progress our investigators and do our best to be obedient! :) it's incredible the little blessings we are blessed with everyday and the miracles we see in people. Rayboy is a new investigator. We've taught him twice now and he went to a YSA activity on fridayand came to church early on sunday!! Which is incredible! Usually investigators don't come until the 2nd or 3rd hour (philippino time is worst then mormon standard time) but sacrament meeting is last here in our ward. but Rayboy came early for church and he shared about something we did in gospel principles and is just so happy! After he came up and asked when he could be baptized. Sister Sanders told him a date, but we would need to teach him more to make sure and then she asked why he wanted to be baptized and he said because this church is different. He's someone who hasn't had the best life and wasn't doing the best things and now he wants to change! It's incredible seeing the people who are truly ready for the gospel and how they just get put into our path for us to find them. He's 19 years old and already has incredible faith. (we did ask him to be baptized before but he was kind of confused but he said he would if he found out it was true... this was before sunday

Anyways, i hope that made sense! but it has been a good kinda weird but good week :) Missionary work is truly incredible! It's incredible how your faith can work!! :) If you have faith and pray anything is possible with Heavenly Father if it is his will. He has a plan for all of us and I know he will be there for each and every one of you if you just turn to him! He is there to comfort you and he is your father. I honestly didn't realize how close he truly is until I ended up on a mission. He loves each of us!

The food here is actually really good, we don't eat out much, but when we do i really like it! It's a lot of meat and rice, and now i crave it sometimes. I love it so much! :) Me and my companion mainly make chicken and we've made mashed potatoes by hand this week (legit ones) and they were really good!! Sister Sanders is really good at making up things! Let me tell you! But she makes philippino dishes for me without the rice. She makes Sinigong (veggies which are different here and either chicken or pork usually chicken for us with a sinigong mix), Adobo, and Chicken Tinolaand. (not how you spell them, but they are good) They pretty much all have different veggies with meat of some sort i get them all mixed up but they are all delicious! 

My house i just live with my companion. It's just a one bedroom apartment and it's got 2 desks for study a table to eat and a little kitchen. It's just like an apartment. I sent some pictures home of our bedroom and table i think, but not everything... I'm in our bathroom when you get the pictures when i'm doing laundry. It's really cute! it has a locked gate and our door is locked so it's pretty safe where we are at and we are upstairs in back last apartment and the only other people upstairs are the owners they are super sweet and no they aren't members if you were wondering. 

And my Hiligaynon is slowly coming. Sometimes it will click and sometimes it struggles, but i can speak english sometimes too just depends on who it is and how much english they know. They tend to know english more if they went or go to school because they have books and learn in english and sometimes tagalog, but it will come :) i keep getting told that i'm doing very well and i just need to study and keep having faith that it will come :)

I don't know if i'll see ashley she will be at our church because that's where they go their first day, but i can't go there just to see her. I think it's against the rules, but we'll see i'll let you know, because it is like down the street from our apartment. 

Here's our Elders in our districts names... Johnson, Pulsipher, Dulalia, Gonzala, Mifflin, Dy. 

I hope i answered all your questions!! I love you all!! :) Keeping being the best you can be and never forget to turn to the Lord!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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