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Wk 4: Week #4!! wow!!

Brother Theobald
 Future Philippinos
-Hiligaynon & Cibuano districts

 Philippine Sisters!!

 NgohNgoa Leih!

 The best artist ever!

 Best Things Ever!!

 Elder Stagg & Elder Evans

 Our Zone

 Sister Weight

 Sister Weight! Love her!!

Sister Lindsay & Pettyjohn


So first of all....tell Grandma I am not trying to not see them! I just had a very short lunch and had to go early to class and I was confused at where they were at with the letter and trying to hurry so if you could this send me a letter like today or tomorrow the same day one and let me know where they are :) that'd be great!!

Okay, so Monday we chilled, wrote letters and taught Joey (Bro Theobald). And committed him to baptism!!! So cool!!! :) He agreed to work toward it. It was way cool!! :)

Tuesday, we taught a lesson to Resli (Sister Salway), it was a little rough, she had to be Resli, but the night before her dad was running in the Boston Marathon and finished 15 minutes before the bomb went off, then that night we had a devotional and Elder Richard G. Scott spoke!! He literally was speaking straight to me!! He also gave us an apostolic blessing!! Way incredible!! I wrote it down in my notes :) but i don't have them.

Wednesday, Sister Mullins got a blessing because she was sick, had another rough lesson with Resli. Le'ts just say we don't know how to explain things in Hiligaynon... but it's getting better!! Joey's lessons are amazing and Resli's are a little rough this whole week. We were practicing approaches also this day and Elder Evans is the man!! hahahahaha he had an approach where he would sit there and and say man this is a really good book!! and another one he just stood there and turned to Elder Stagg and say Hi!... i don't know how to explain it in writing but it was soo funny!! He seriously makes me laugh all the time!! :)

Thursday, we had TRC and It was so awesome!! Honestly TRC is awesome!!! :) I absolutely love it!! :) We felt the spirit a lot! and gained a lot more gratitude!!

Friday, We committed Joey to baptism for real this time!! it was cool!! He was silent for like a minute and a half and then said yes!! IT WAS SO COOL!! I love it!! :) Then i walked out and literally almost ran Jessica Foster over!! I was like ah! sorry then I said AHH JESSIE!! :) it made my day :) I love her so much! Then we taught Resli again and our 20 minute lesson went for like and hour and we were struggling through what to say between Catholics and us. It's hard to explain some things.

Saturday, was just a normal day! But it was our teachers last days!!! Sister Weight brought her peas from Toy Story 3 and they were so cute!! Then we had a fun day with her! Learning language and everything! Then we had our lesson with Joey for the last time and it was spiritual but I felt so bad because after he told us that he was acting the way he was because of Narcolepsy (no idea how to spell it) but i felt terrible!! Anways, then we had an INCREDIBLE lesson from Brother Theobald!! it was incredible!! :) A little language then spiritual in English, then he said the closing prayer and it was in Hiligaynon so I didn't understand his fast speech, but it was incredible!! He blessed each of us in his prayer and the spirit was so strong. Me, Sister Nielsen, and Elder Stagg and brother Theobald were bawling. And Elder Stagg's tears made it look like he wet his pants! haha so funny! but coolest experience ever!! We also gave both our teacher some funny cards :) It was awesome!! I will miss them!!

Sunday, was a good Sunday :) We went to sacrament meeting then breakfast. We had Music and the Spoken Word and Relief Society and the 2nd counselor in the general primary presidency spoke to us! We also had the new general young women president there! It was way cool!!  then watched mormon messages and went on a temple walk (this is what we do every normal sunday) then came back, went to dinner and devotional was BYU men's chorus!! It was way nice!! I miss choir and music!! haha Also, said bye to the departing districts in our zone going to the Philippines! I will miss them!! They are speaking Cebuano going to Tacaloban!! I love them to death!! 

This morning I went to the temple and we did Initatories (however it's spelled) and that was way cool! I haven't done them yet since my own!! :)

Anyways!! I'm going to try to send pictures this morning!! I don't have much time left!! I love you all!! Palangga Ko Kamo!! :) 
Love, Sister Smoot!! (Jenna)

-All ready for bed!
(taken by Sister Lisonbee- Branch Presidency member's wife)

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