Monday, April 15, 2013

Wk 3: WOW!!! Week number 3!!

me and Janessa Gray!!
the girls in our room our first week here! 
(yes, my shoes are awesome in front!;)

ok! today has been an incredible week!! :) holy cow!! No time (this may be shorter if i can shorten it... so i can send pictures)

Monday, Taught our first lesson to another investigator... Joey Roma. He is incredible!! We are finally teaching without notes!! Shouldn't have been, but was at the beginning! We were last and were almost out of time so it was short! but so incredible!! :) and before that it was just p day... :) haha

Tuesday, Today we taught another investigator, Resli for the first time. This one was a little rough, because the first investigator, Joel and Joey are the same teacher and he talks a ton, which i sometimes get lost in what he's saying in Hiligaynon, but Resli doesn't talk much. Our first lesson was rough but it's gotten better. :) Another Devotional!! Can't remember who spoke, but it was way good!! I wrote in my journal that it was very spiritual :) haha

Wednesday, we taught both resli and joey and joeys was amazing and I can love him so easy. resli i am having a hard time making it real, i think. But I'm working on it and praying hard to love her, because these truly are real people they are acting as. We taught Joey how to pray without notes!! It was a little rough, but so entirely incredible!! The spirit was so strong, another short lesson because we were almost out of time going second, but we prayed then he prayed. Joey seems to be really easy making it real and it made me want to seriously help him come unto Christ!! This was a lesson I talked a lot more in! I sometimes get scared to talk, but the Lord gave me confidence and helped me be able to speak to Joey! It was amazing!! :)

Thursday, I actually clicked with Resli!! I taught her about prayer also!! It was cool because we knelt down to pray, and she's Cataliko, so we didn't describe it in Hiligaynon that well, I guess because knelt and prayed for her then asked if she would pray like I did with Joey, then she said she didn't exactly understand and remember how or something like that so we went and got a paper and pen and wrote it down for her, then had her try again. She started reading every word we wrote down, oops!! Good thing we had her try to pray before we left so then I explained it better and she did it the easier way this time!! It was so cool!! This is the moment when it literally made me so excited and made me love her as God loves us soo much!! I felt that excitement!! SOO COOL!! :)

Friday, i didn't write much in my journal cuz it was late (sorry days blend together so i have to go by my journal, but i did learn more about the Philippines from Sister Weight and had a lot of spiritual moments in class with Brother Theobald! Such a cool day!! We also did companionship inventory which we have done a couple times, but soo cool how it seriously helps you connect!! :)

Saturday, was such a long day!! First, we had gym in the morning and i ran a mile then we played volleyball, just keep it up in the air volleyball which we play like everytime we have gym lately, and it's SO FUN!! :) We made it to 80!! It was sweet!! Anyways, I just have to say how awesome our teachers are! We had class before and after dinner and it was a long day... so they taught us head, shoulders, knees and toes in hiligaynon!! It was sweet!! I can't remember it though, or i would tell you! I wrote it in a different notebook!! haha i'll memorize it for next week :)  or something... um... we also played a game to help us memorize ako (I), ka (you).. ect. I can't remember it all or how to spell it even though spelling isn't suppose to matter.. anyways it was fun!! :)

Sunday!!! Incredible day!! Finally a normal sunday!! We have sacrament meeting at 7:30 for an hour and then go to breakfast then to relief society at 10 and music of the spoken word at 9:30 but in relief society we had Mary Edmonds speak and she was so funny!! So SO funny!! but such an incredible testimony!!! I loved it soo much!!! :)

Last night, I read mom's letter and it made me cry... I'm so glad I will see you all again in 18 months :) I love you all to death!! I'm grateful Emily can be so close to me today too :) She was at the temple this morning also, I was sitting in the chapel and I had a feeling to look up and there's a design on the ceiling near the front that is a huge flower and it looks like a forget me not flower :) SO INCREDIBLE!! :) I love my Heavenly Father and I Know he loves me and I know Emily is here helping me :) She's also doing incredible work in Heaven! I love her to death :) I'm so grateful for her help :)

Love you all!! I'll try to send pictures in the short time I have left :) you're the best!! :)

Love Sister Smoot (aka Jenna) 

Lacey Monson saw Jenna at the MTC! 

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  1. Lacey Monson just got her call to the same mission as Jenna. Can you believe it? Wow!!!!!! Jenna will be soooo excited when she finds out!!!! Congrats Lacey!!!!