Monday, April 8, 2013

Wk 2: woohoo!! Week 2

 In our room!
 Our district: Sister Nielsen, Me, Elder Stagg, Elder Evans,
Sister Mullins, Sister Safeti
 The GUAPO sign! 
(what they do in the Philippines for pictures)
 Our Sunday walk! Love the fresh air
waiting for conference to start!

Wow!! I can't believe I've been here for almost 2 weeks!! This is crazy!! Ok well it has been an incredible week!! I got better from being sick!! And packages are a lot once we found out we couldn't have candy (other than hard candy) in our classrooms so i have to leave it in the residence until i get home and then i'm not hungry then, so yeah! Anyways, this week...

Monday, was p day so i went to the temple, did laundry, and emailed :) then we wrote a few letters, which i didn't get sent until later, but you know! That night, we taught Joel who became one our teachers later in the week after teaching him one or two more times after. His name is Brother Theobald and he is awesome!! Return missionary from the Philippines and he is an awesome teacher!! One that makes you want to be a better teacher!! Sister Weights is who we've started with and she's definately someone who is easy to relate to! She's incredible too!! I love my teachers!! This night hahaha sister Sefetti (from Figi the girl in our district) asked us all what tribe we were from and everyone answered except for elder Evans and so she asked elder Evans  where are you from? and he said this little town a like an hour from las vegas haha and we all start laughing and he was like oh duh you wouldn't know that, do you know las vegas? and we laughed harder and then he was like america?? so we all are like dying... it was hilarious ! Then once we calmed down and could talk, we told him what we were talking about and he was like oh!! and told her then she said ok! But being from Figi, she doesn't even know where Las Vegas is or what it is so it was funny!! :) anyways good laugh for the day!

Tuesday, we had our normal day with a devotional at night which we have every sunday and tuesday. It was Brother Ringwood and wife from the 70. He talked about enduring to the end, it was wonderful!! After the devotional we had a little district meeting, but because it was our first, we combined with the other new district also going to the Philippines and after. It was way good! We all shared our testimonies and what we learned!

Wednesday, our service project day we went and vacuumed the main building! All missionaries have different assignments. haha that was early in the morning and what we will be doing every wednesday morning. It was a normal day again. We taught Joel for the last time and (we didn't know it was our last time) and I was sick and luckily sister Rosedall ( i'll tell you about her later, but she is a sweetheart) came in with us and bore her testimony so that was a good spiritual lesson at the end after struggling through it, but it was good :) I enjoyed it!

Thursday, another normal day! I finally sent letter this day! It was definitely a good day!! The end of the day brother Theobald taught us for the first time and he is honestly so spiritual! Like I told you before, he is incredible!! The spirit was soo strong!! :) It was incredible!! I also got a blessing a couple days before this but i wrote it in my journal this day to help me get better and it helped a ton!! Honestly, I was a little homesick being here, but ever since that blessing, it helped a ton!! and I am getting over my sinus whatever it was cold and it's incredible! Honestly the power of the priesthood is amazing!!!! :)

Friday, was an incredible spiritual day!!!!! It made me so happy and just one of those days you feel like you are so happy and practically floating!! We had 2 teachers that taught that were incredible!! Brother Theobald and then Brother Oldroyd (who subbed for Sister Weight) but the spirit was so strong all day!! I honestly was so happy!! When we went back at 9 30 we were so happy and Brother Oldroyd told us a story about "Tuod-ka?" which is like "you serious?" or "really?" it's pretty funny!! I guess if you don't say something like "Tuod?" when someone is telling a story in the Philippines even if they say they went to the store to buy shoes they think you are bored or think they don't believe you! So they always say like really! I promise i went to the store to get some shoes! Then we were sayin that and ran out to say it to the girls in the room next to us after putting our pajamas on and forgot to put the wood in the door and you have to unlock the door everytime you go in haha so we are both in basketball shorts and t-shirts and get locked out of our room because we are the only ones in there so we borrowed shoes and borrowed jackets and went to the front desk in a building you aren't suppose to have cassual clothes in unless doing service you can wear jeans, but here we come in in basketball shorts to get a spare key to our room. It was funny!! Anyways, it's been a spiritally high and uplifting and funny week!!

Saturday, OH MY GOSH!! Incredible!! I love conference!! Like I said, we do breakfast, conference, lunch, conference, dinner, watched priesthood/yw sessions and it was amazing!! Then after, when we went back to our room for the last 45 minutes (can't return to residence til 9:30) we had a spiritual devotional about the whole day. We are all bearing our testimonies and I'll admit, i cried. oops but it was incredible!! I shared about in the yw broadcast, Uchtdorf was speaking at the end and he said that when we return to our Father in Heaven he will embrace us in his arms! It honestly made me so happy!! It made me think immediately of Valorie King and Emily Austin, thinking they have been embraced by the arms of our Heavenly Father. It was an incredible thought! After bearing our testimonies we knelt down and prayed (which we usually do as a district morning and night) and right when the prayer started I felt like we were floating, and I knew Emily and Valorie and our Father in Heaven were there! Emily had her arms around me and I wanted to open my eyes and see them so badly because I KNEW they were there!! It was honestly the best experience ever!!

Sunday, was another spiritual high with General Conference!! It was INCREDIBLE!!! Same schedule as Saturday and that night we had our sunday night Devotional! and BYU Vocal Point came!!! It was incredible the spirit they brought and how much they told us how much of a spirit we had here as missionaries!! It was incredible!! They are amazing singers and each of them are return missionaries and soo very spiritual! It was cool!!!

Monday, I've gone to the temple started laundry, changed, talked and now I am emailing :) haha
Honestly, It has been a wonderful week!! I absolutely LOVE the MTC and the spirit we have anywhere we are!! It's incredible what a mission can do to you!! I'm serious!!

Kabalo ako nga magtuod sa Simbahan ni Jesucristo sang mga Santos sa Ulihing mga Adlaw. (I know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true) I truly know that it is and I am so grateful for this church!! Mom and Dad Thank you for being parents that are so strong in the true church and for raising me in it!! I don't know what I would do without it!! Thank you soo much!!

Sa ngalan ni Jesucristo, Amen. (In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.) Just a couple phrases I know for a fact! I don't want to tell you anything wrong, but those are two I'm pretty sure on :)

I love you family!! I love this church!! I love life!! I am so grateful for everything I have! I am soo lucky!!

Love, Sister Jenna Marie Smoot :) (haha I AM a mission for our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ) 

(other info:)

yes i got the easter basket! I love the ring it's perfect!! it gets a little tight when my hands get swollen, but it fits the same as my CTR ring but on my middle finger :) it's perfect thank you!! and yes I got my recommend!! They looked me up at the temple! Thank you for that by the way! It was an answer to my prayers!! I was about to write you then i opened the package haha.. 

umm.. we ended up not getting any new roomates so we have 4 empty beds in our room. Teachers we have two, and i think that's all.. we started off as one but then one of the 'investigators' became out teacher i can explain it better later. language is good! It's a very cool language! Frustrating at times, but very cool... i'll write something in my letter for you and yes i send the pictures wrong last week haha but i think i know how to do it now so we will see if it works! um...

I see a ton of people i know! Ryan Mulford, London Lazerson, a ton!! I just don't get pictures with EVERYONE because we can't carry big bags around... I may want a small one like really small... but I don't know i'll let you know! um I am definately feeling better... my ears are clogged though like they were a long time ago once i got that cold... My cold is pretty much gone other then my ears and a cough and runny nose here and there... but it's cool :) my ears are kind of annoying though! sorry I am trying to hurry I hope this makes sense!! 

candy i can't really take anywhere but my residence and we are mainly only there on p day and before 7 am and after 9 30. I can only have hard candy like life savers and mints and mentos and stuff... so don't send too much more... I am struggling eating what I have! They give you enough food that I'm not hungry. Sleep... It's hard going to sleep at 10:30. waking up is always not the best for me and sister nielsen.. but we are doing it! :) haha you do so much you become exhausted each day! 

my camera is working good and i am taking a lot of pictures :) yes i took the right stuff.. advice for ashley... pack SUPER light!! I didn't and i wish i did! honestly it's like you want to match and look cute but it doesn't matter and my teacher (sister weights) she said make up is sometimes a distraction in the Philippines and they think you are pretty anyways because you have white skin! so just a note :) i have enough boxes for now to send stuff home in i'm going to try again to send stuff home but i didn't have time last week so we'll see... 

I did watch the thing after conference and i saw Nate church!! It was cool :) and Josh Brown!! awesome!! I'm so happy for them!! I love them!! :) haha I keep seeing people i know on tv in mormon messages and around the mtc... i feel like i'm in a spiritual junior high/highschool after college hahaha it's funny. 

I'm so happy for Tayton! Tell him good job!! I wish i could watch him play! But i will when i get home :) and tell jade I hope he gets better!! I'll pray for him!! Tell him not to ruin his arm :) But no I love the packages! I love hearing from you!! I feel special when I get a package or even a letter!! Letters would be good :) I'm not sure what to do in the stuff in my packages anymore because we can't have food in our classrooms other then what i told you! haha 

Sister Nielsen is wondering if one of those passport things i got for the airplane to go under my clothes if you could get one for her and she'll send her money or something! Unless you know where you got it and they have one in AZ?? maybe?? haha I don't know! just let me know! I'm not sure why dear elder isn't working! Tell dad just to write a letter and have you drop it off at postmart or something so i can read it! :) 

Literally thank you for everything mom!! I'll write about my day in another letter now!! you honestly are the best!! I'm the luckiest daughter in the world to have parents like you and dad! I never really realized how fortunate I am to have parents like you!!

:) Sister Smoot!! 

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