Monday, August 12, 2013

Wk 20- Palangga ko kamo!!!! :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis

This week has been a good week!! :)

I forgot my journal... so i can't do it day by day, but i have a few things that i can remember. :)

We had zone meeting on tuesday and i got a nice surprise of a lot of mail! :) haha it made my day. It was also a testimony to me that Heavenly Father loves me so much! Even just mail, he gives it to you when you need it most. Just being a trainer it was a little over whelming, but Sister Neis is the best and she helps a lot! :) You really get put with people that truly will help you the most. :)

(the people?: they are wonderful people! I love them!! :) they are my family! (sister neis answer-- the people are short and the culture is different) haha and we get a lot "nice and smooth" because her name is pronounced nice and i'm smooth with out the h haha

your new area?: we have a lot more richer people in this area especially because we live in camilla homes. that's the rich area and brother wycoco is there just down the street. he's funny :) he caterers all the missionary events...)

We have definitely been led by the spirit through everything. I don't know how i communicate with people. And yesterday we had a nose bleed or what they call i can't remember restoration in english!!! AHH!!!! I can barely speak hiligaynon and i'm already losing my english!!! I was in shock!!! :) 

(nose bleed?: They call a nose bleed here because they speak a lot of english is when they can't remember a word in english or in ilonggo. and I couldn't remember restoration in english! I only could remember ginpanumbalik which is restoration in ilonggo!! wow!! i'm sorry! I'm not very good at this!! ah! )

(language?:its definitely clicked it's had to :) haha sometimes its hard but it's a miracle every time i open my mouth.)

I also had an embarrassing experience. We had someone say hi to us so i turned and I said hello and kamusta kamo? and then i ran into these boards that were on top of a tricycle... Very embarrassing but you know. :) oops! I have a little bruise and scab on my forehead haha :)

I also had an incredible experience!! :) On saturday afternoon i had to get fingerprinted for my visa thing and i went to Galo to get fingerprinted so back to my area!! :) THEN A BAPTISM WAS GOING ON AND IT WAS 3 OF MY INVESTIGATORS!!!! AHH!!! JohnPaul, Abe, and Bambi!!!!! I started crying and we took a picture with sister sanders because I saw her! It was the best thing ever!!!! :) I love it!!!! :):) It was just another testimony builder that heavenly father really does love each of us and he loves me :) And I know he loves each of you! He protects us and watches over us each and every day. :) I'm so grateful for his protection and his love! Love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot :)

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