Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wk 73 - We are now the only missionaries in Tangub ward!!

Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenville (Tangub ward)
santol :) i have to squeeze it between my legs to open it!!
you can also cut a little slit in it but it's fun to open it between my knees :)

our bishop's dog (we live in the front of his house) waiting for us to come outside!! :)  he is so nice!! He's a puppy and he's so cute and cheerful :) I love him!! But he had ticks when he came, he's new but has been showered with shampoo to get rid of them :) he's okay now!! 

lansones!! :)
our bishop brought us dinner one day and we ate it the next day for lunch because we weren't hungry.
Milk fish... my favorite!! It is delicious!! I think even mom would like it :) it's good!! 

our ride home when it was raining!! Brother Leysa wore a bag :) astig no?! :)
 haha i loved it so i wanted a picture :) 

we get a ride because it's far and we would have to ride a tricycle anyways so he is so kind and gives a ride home for free every night!! If we don't go to him he calls us and waits until we come get a ride home before going to home. He's a recent convert!! I love that family!!

Boy's baptism :) Brother Tan was the one who baptized him!! One of our RC :)

Brother Boy's baptism!! :) (Eduardo)

 we walked over and his little boy who's 8 was setting up the chairs in primary :) so cute!! :) 
sister Lezel :) A RC that works with us quite a bit :) 

Family!!! :) 

This week has been pretty good!! So we had a call this week of transfers and the other sisters got pulled out so now we are the only ones in Tangub!! We are over the whole ward and it's kind of big but it's okay!! We can do it!! There is 52 recent converts and before we had 26 only. It's been a little bit of a challenge with time and finding new investigators but we are figuring it out :) Luckily ward members are working with us and we are splitting a couple times a week with sisters in the ward!! It's an incredible thing!! Wow!! It's the first time I've been the only companionship in one ward. It's kinda crazy but so fun!! It's a lot of work but it's worth it!! The best exhausting feeling I've ever felt!! :) 

We also had that baptism of Boy. Who the other sisters taught but we were the only ones there when he was baptized but I've met his mom quite a few times when I've worked in the other area. Her name is Josephina and she's adorable!! I love her :) We also knew him at church!! 

Next week we also have Roy who's from that area as well who's the husband of a member!! We have taught him a couple times!! Then the next week we have a few people from our area getting baptized!! Pargoso family hopefully!! Sister Nanette still isn't sure but she wants to follow her husband and he is sure gid!! Just pray for her :) She's amazing! Their family is amazing!! They have 3 little kids :) As well as Ronnie, a RC convert, Babyjane's husband :) They are all amazing and we have more to come!!! :) On September 7 we have a sister named Jean!! Miracles after miracles!!

Jean is a granddaughter of a RC Tatay Nonoy I told you about her before. I'm not sure if I told you what happened. I can't remember if it was the past week or the week before. But She said she kept seeing us and just wanted to get closer. Then we taught her and everything. After a couple times she came looking for us and we were at a near by members house teaching another investigator. She started going through a hard time where the father of her daughter would stop helping if she was baptized but grabi!! The members talked to her and we shared with her and she shared her experience with us. We saw her the night we ended up teaching her riding a motorcycle with, we found out it was her brother. she's a single mom and has one daughter. She said when she saw us it was like pitch black. Dark kaayo!! And all she saw was me a glowing. It was crazy!! I felt completely normal when I saw her but that's how she saw me! She is incredible and the members were saying maybe we knew each other in the premortal life, and I kind of feel like it's true. It's so crazy and incredible how everyone is so amazing!! Forever I always thought I would never know who I would help, but tender mercy again. God let me know :) 

I love this work!! We just need to continue working hard and never let this precious time of the Lord pass by without doing something worthwhile!! :) I love you family and am so grateful for you!! Thank you for everything!! :) This church is true!! Never let yourself or anyone else tell you otherwise!!

Love, Sister Smoot :) 

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