Sunday, August 24, 2014

wk 74 - Full and Amazing week!!

Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenville (Tangub ward)
we went to manila! :) these are the foreigners i'll be coming home with :)
me and two other elders will come to salt lake :)
(Elder ?, Sister Nielsen, Sister Manwaring)
Sister Sefetti, Elders??
that's the vice president's house in manila kuno.
The driver told me to take a picture that drove us around. so i did! :) 
a missionary here in our mission's parents took us to lunch in Manila. It was very nice of them :) 

2 batch mates stayed at my house friday night when we got back from manila and traveled home the next morning :) Sister Nielsen & Sister Sefetti! love those two!! 
They went and taught one lesson with us at the leysa family :) I love them!! 

Brother Roy's baptism!! He's the husband of a member :)

This week was good!! Yesterday we had brother Roy get baptized who is the husband of a member!! He is really amazing! So ready and awesome!! They have one little girl and hopefully in 1 year they will get sealed in the temple :) It's incredible to see!! We've only taught him for a couple weeks because he's from the other area but he's incredible!! :) I love being able to have all these people to teach!!

Next week we have brother Ronnie which we have taught the whole time get baptized and then the next week it's sister Jean, who is the one that I had the experience with last week I told you I think. Then the next week Pargoso Family who is a couple with three small children as well as brother Hermie that showed up to church last sunday and said I have been interviewed and not baptized yet. we cant find his record but we are teaching him as well :) we also have brother Ariel who is the nephew of Ronnie who didn't come to church yesterday so we changed his date from the 7th to the 14th. He better come next week! :) haha He's amazing as well! Then after that Gentugao family!! Grabi no?! And we have even more that we are working with!! It's so incredible to see how many people need and want to be taught the gospel!! It's almost overwhelming but it's amazing how much God loves us and how much he helps us as well!! :) I love how if we give the work to him he will guide us and direct us. It's really does happen!! :) I love it!! 

And to answer your question mom, yes it's hard to follow up with all the RCs (recent converts) but we did have 35 of them show up to church yesterday and we didn't even get a chance to visit all of those! they are just amazing!! We are figuring it out next week with the ward missionaries to teach the RCs so they can still be taught and we can help them but not be overwhelmed!! This ward is amazing and so willing to help :) 

This past week we had a follow up training for Sister Herrera's batch and it was incredible!! It was a wonderful way to feel the spirit and after that, I got to go work in Bacolod 3rd ward (i think or 2nd) but it's where Sister Smoot was assigned before and got to work with Sister Sefetti and Sister Dequina! It was a cool experience and then Friday we went to Manila and came back friday night just for finger printing!! haha such a cool experience no?! It was really fast but it was amazing!! I had a talk with my batch mates as well that was incredible!! I absolutely love this work and seeing how much we've grown and how much we can help each other and the stories that have happened to us! It's a really an incredible experience serving a mission! 

I am so excited to be able to keep going and finish out strong and get this area set up well for the missionaries that take my place. It's really any area is an amazing area as long as you work like a missionary. It's really incredible to see how if you follow the spirit the area will progress!! It's incredible how God will do his work no matter what or where you are if you're with him or not, so why not just pick it up and be with him so we can keep going!! As members that's what we need to do!! Always be willing to help the missionaries and progress in the missionary work!! It's the best thing to be involved in :) I love this work!! I will NEVER stop doing it and will always work to help my testimony grow even more! 

Thank you for everything you do!! :) I love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot 

(pictures from the follow up training)

singing "I need thee every hour"

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