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Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenvile (Tangub ward)
after exchanges :) 

both of us on the bridge! but you can't see the bridge ;) 

one of her recent converts as well as a member :)
 our mud stairs that we walked down. :) 
(I told Jenna it was cute how they planned their clothes to match!)
yeah... well i went to her house. we just met and we were both wearing polkadots and i had a bag packed we both got dressed the next morning and were both wearing black shirts.
 I guess we are related or something... i don't know! 

i went on this bridge at the beginning of my mission with sister Arnold :) 
They called it the San Francisco bridge :) 

day with the other sister smoot :)
the two sisters in the picture below- i will talk about in my letter 

Family!!! :)

So this past week has been amazing!! As you know, I had the amazing opportunity to be able to do missionary work for a day with the other Sister Smoot. :) I loved it so much!! We had some wonderful opportunities!!

I sent you the picture with 2 sisters. They are beautiful!! I thought Sister Smoot was going to talk to the older sister and she said all she was going to say is Maayong hapon, but after she said that I started talking to her and we asked if we could sing to her, and she said lets go to my house! It was hard to hear her but we just followed her and she held my hand all the way. It was a little further than I thought but her and her husband are the only ones there and she's the only one that can leave but while we were walking, this other sister started following us and started talking to Sister Smoot (Ashley) and i was talking to Sister the Nanay and trying to get to know her a little but had a hard time hearing her. Anyways, we made it to the house and sang a song and just taught a simple first lesson and introduced ourselves and there were quite a few people that were like wooho you're both Sister Smoot?! Ano kamo? We would tell them we were cousins and it was cool!! But anyways, we taught them and introduced families (had the moment of what uncle Lee said a little bit about I'm sister smoot and i'm sister smoot and we're here to teach about families haha) and we sang (by the way Ashley sings a lot now! and she's good too!) and it was so amazing!! And we had an experience, we asked the younger sister to pray and she said before she'd been taught by Elders, long ago but she moved away and came back. She cried while she was praying, and after the prayer I had a thought to invite her for baptism, so I did. Usually I do it before we close, but We invited her to be baptized and she said yes and all she wants to do is help her family. We scheduled an appointment with her for friday, thinking about it, i wonder how it went but it was an amazing experience!! I loved it!! 

(here is part of Sister Ashley's email about that: 
Upon returning to their home last night, we met the whole family and they all committed to baptism too. )

We also finally got to meet some of her recent converts which were over the bridge. They don't go there when it rains and it finally was dry so we went over there. :) It was amazing!! The people on the other side, if it's raining, would have to swim to come to church if it rains a lot because the river overflows and only one of them swims who is an RM, the others have kids or are older. But incredible!! I love it so much!! :)

Then during weekly planning this week, President Lopez texted us and said Sisters you need to exchange with the other sisters in your ward. Sister Smoot and Sister Herrera need to know Sister Rosdahl and Sister Laulu's area. So we did a little exchange and they didn't have a member sister to watch Sister Rosdahl. So later friday afternoon, I stayed with sister Rosdahl and Sister Herrera went with sister Laulu. Then Saturday we did it again, but we had members so the members stayed with sister Rosedahl. I went with Sister Laulu and Sister Herrera stayed in our area, and it's kind of cool to see the work progress in the whole ward!! Then yesterday!! We had sister Laulu with us last night because Sister Rosdahl went home.

Then yesterday we had 3 of our RC work with us and it was so amazing!! It was an incredible experience!! I wish I took a picture!! But We split into two and went and taught more people and ah!! The spirit was there and it was just cool seeing these RC share their testimonies and their experiences of themselves and their families right before being baptized. It was amazing!! I love them all!! :) 

I love this work and it's so true!! I am grateful for every chance I have to serve the Lord. Even though I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, I have the chance to use the atonement and to do better :) 

I love you Family!! Have a wonderful week!! keep being amazing!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot 
our bishop! we ate dinner outside his house which is connected to ours :) we do every thursday :) 

 it's a high tide but if it's not it's really far down i saw people walking through it and it was about waste deep maybe?? it sometimes it's really far but it just depends i guess sometimes if it rains or storms they get flooded in the lower part of their house at the most. but not we aren't really there if it's raining hard. we stay away from there because we get wet haha but no! it's really safe. no problems! that's a high tide. 

here's your house on stilts dad!! 
This is just what they look like for the most part :)
 here's just one :) 

                                                 a different view 
 I took some pictures while we were waiting for her to finish cleaning/feeding her pigs! :) 
                                                 They're so cute! 
my best friend!! :)  

some views of our area and where we walk everyday :) just for you mom!

 a goat kneeling while eating :)
 haha i was on exchanges with sister Laulu
 in the other half of Tangub and we saw this it made us laugh :) 

me and sister melgar!! :) 

P.S. I just had a thought. If I had a cool feeling with Sister Smoot, why can't I feel this way all the time in my teaching, I mean, WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD! I am teaching the gospel to my brothers and sisters with my SISTER!! I love it so much!! It's an incredible experience!! AH! and I am also so grateful for my companion, Sister Herrera. She is so Diligent and so ready to go!! I love it so much :) She's here to help my weaknesses become strengths!! I love this work! The church is true!! 


how is this area different than your others:
-every area is different in their own ways they all have strengths and weaknesses... I don't know!! Haha! They are all amazing though! This one is a good ward. It's different because we don't have most the members in our area, but we have amazing RC to work with us :)

do you have a shower in this house:
-not a running shower, we have a shower head but in the mornings when we shower the water pressure is weak and it doesn't really work. It's honestly easier for me now to just use a bucket. I have a hard time with a shower sometimes unless the head comes off. haha :) but yeah!! I boil water sometimes so the waters not cold, just room temperature if i have a minute. but yes :) flushing toilets also! (I think it's only the 2nd place she's had a flushing toilet!)

miracle/tender mercy this week:
- Going on exchanges with my cousin, Sister Smoot, on my mission on the other side of the world and testifying about families with my family that God gave me here on earth!! SO AMAZING!!! :) And Sunday we had 3 recent convert sisters work with us :) amazing also!!! 

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