Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wk 76 - Family!! :)

Companion: Sister Herrera
Area: Gardenville (Tangub ward)
FHE at Leysa's family :) We have Baby powder on our face from games :) 

Sister Smoot & Sister Smoot

our dinner at sister bliss' house :) 

Birthday ni Sister Melgar :) We had a feeling to go to her house and she said she meant to invite us but we had no idea. But We are going back tonight :)
She's 55! Bengie is her son also that we got coming back to church and now he has his mission papers turned in!!! :) YAY!! :) They are at the stake right now :) I'm so excited for him!! :) 

Jessie :) She is the cutest most hyper dog :) I love her!! 
She is Bishop's dog which we live in the front part of bishops house :) She's so cute :) 

This week has been a lot better!! Helping people overcome trials is fun, but sometimes stressful. I absolutely love how much turning them to the savior helps them realize how much he really is there. It's really an amazing experience. I really do enjoy this work. I don't know how to really explain the feeling I feel as I see people progress towards taking the step to return back to their father in heaven. 

Brother Ronnie was just baptized after a roller coaster we got him back up and he's doing good now!! On sunday, we will have Brother and Sister Pargoso be baptized and they have 3 little kids that are under 6 but they are amazing!! I'm so excited for them :) As well as brother Hermi will be baptized on sunday :) I'm so excited to see them all take those steps toward baptism!! After that the next week we have brother Ariel the nephew of ronnie's wife, sister baby jane and her sister Lezel who are RC, baptized in March. They are all amazing!! I love this work!! AH!! We also are teaching one for the 28 a neice and daughter of members, she's 11 and so tall. but so adorable!! Then just moved another Families date to October 5. They are amazing and I know they will one day be baptized! It's all coming along and we are finding new people as well! I just keep doing everything I can to keep up with the Lord Hastening his work. Its true and he will do it if you're with him or not. It's amazing and I love it :) 
brother Ronnie's baptism :) 

We had some amazing miracles this week and I feel like it went so fast, but I love how God really does his work. It's amazing what he will do for you as you turn to him. I am no where near perfect and I don't think I'll ever be. But I am Heavenly Fathers Daughter. I am not alone and I know he loves me as he does each person here on earth. :) 

I love you so much Family!! Keep up the amazing work!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot

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