Monday, July 7, 2014

Wk 67 - New Area!!! :) Tangub Ward in Bacolod South!! :)

 Area: Tangub
Companion: Sister Herrera
Headed out of La Castellana
Photo: :)
At the Galo Chapel for transfers!

Both Sister Smoots! 

elder howell from my batch in the MTC. I haven't seen him for over a year 
New arrivals and their trainers
Sister Smoot and Sister Herrera
musical number: I'll go Where you want me to Go

Family!!! This week has been so amazing!! It's been a full week and feels like there's so much I don't know where to begin!!!

First of all, monday night I got called I was transfering and I didn't know where. They just said Bacolod South when I asked. Then I got packed and everything which was a late night and Sister Dequina and I cried... I hate that part of saying bye to someone you grew to love. But it's a wonderful thing to be able to keep going!

Tuesday we went to Bacolod first thing and they told me I had an interview with president. They also said you are still an STL, but not participating in the things you use to do. I thought that was a cool way to put it :) But in the interview with President Lopez, he told me I was training and told me this place needed a happy spirit and what not. He wanted to point it out to me that I have a happy good spirit which I thought was nice. (I'm sure I am one of a lot but it made me feel good) :) and that I would be white washing and training. But it's really amazing this area. I got here and It has a lot of set appointments already and what not, the trick is just finding the house :) But lots of people are willing to help and they are wonderful!!

I spent tuesday until thursday morning with the sisters in the other half of tangub :) Sister Rosedahl (from Idaho) and Sister Laulu (from Samoa). It was kind of fun :) I loved seeing a companionship brand new together and so different start. I felt like I was on a spiritual high and still am :) I love it here!! 

My new companion came and she is adorable!! Just so funny and so ready to work and go!! I love how much joy someone can bring you. Happiness is really just a choice. I told myself, I have another chance to train :) It's something I wanted and I want to make it the best!! So It's been good so far. Not really any rough bumps yet but I'm not going to expect any :) It's just part of the adventure of being a missionary and a servant of the Lord!! 

Then Sunday morning, we had a baptism in our area!! I got their paper work filled out and got to know them! Also had a spiritual lesson with them on the first time we met and It brought tears to all of our eyes as I was talking about the tender mercies of the Lord. About how I always wanted to see a family be baptized. My companion in my previous area also pointed out some things about me to a family we shared to after I knew I was transferring (they were members and one part member that i love!! legaspi family) and She said Sister Smoot knows the importance of families in the gospel and she's always wanted to see a family baptism. I am not sure why she said that but I bawled and it's true!! I told her a lot I wanted to see a family baptism and then and I show up here and my first sunday, we had a whole family baptism!! They have one child but it really was incredible!! They are good friends of Grace who I have a picture I will send you with but she worked with us even as a set apart missionary before she left to go to manila just last friday. She worked with me for two days with two different companions. I love her so much!!! I am so excited for her to serve!! 

I really do love this work!! My WML (ward mission leader) here, Brother Edzel, when he keeps working with us after he gets home from work. I said he was so pisan to him, which means he is hard working and he said, "this isn't my work, it's my fathers work" and it's so true!! It really does hit you and I LOVE this work and everything about it!! I know this church is true and I am excited to continue!! :) 

I love you so much family!! Keep being amazing!! :) I am so grateful for you and my previous companion always said she one day wants a family like ours. I guess I am a huge family person and don't want that to change :) Thank you for being so amazing!! :) I love you all!! 

Love, Sister Smoot
we went to a beautiful zoo last monday :) i love it!! that monkey in the first picture also grabbed the book of mormon from sister dequina and it fell in the gutter!!! hahaha so funny :) i laughed so hard!! 

zoo!! (el tora zoo)

the fishes!!

my best friend the monkey :) her name is Cara or something... i can't remember :) 
that monkey is so cute and my best friend :)
he wanted my hair or headband though he went for it at the end :) haha 

zoo liwat!

the birds were eating our umbrellas!! 

 the brothers in the ward who said good bye and helped with my luggage as well :) 

fhe with these two sisters while i stayed with them for a couple days before my companion came!! :) they are the other two sisters in our tangub ward :) 
Sister Rosedahl (from Idaho) and Sister Laulu (from Samoa)
Grace- leaving to serve in Manilla
 our water wasn't coming out very fast, so we left it as bishop said but i guess it sped up a little and went all over our floor but it's okay :) it's cleaned up now!! our floor is very clean also :) haha 

GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS!!! :) tender mercies :) 

new companion and i today :) She's adorable!!
Makes me laugh all the time!! I love her! Her name is Sister Herrera :) 

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