Monday, June 30, 2014

Wk 66 - Carl's Baptism!! :) GRABI BA!! INCREDIBLE GID!! :)

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina

up the mountain again :) so beautiful!! 

a member that is working on her mission papers :) yay!! 

 elder solis who is going home this week!! AH!! 
                              this is our district!! :)
This week has been wonderful!! We have really been working harder on being more diligent! I really want to be able to do what the Lord wants and knows I can do especially for the time I have left to serve him. I am so grateful we have the chance to be a missionary our whole lives not just this short time!!

So this week, we had a cool experience when we really just followed the spirit. We have been looking how to find people and reading in PMG chapter 9. We went looking for one family and found their relatives which was cool and had one of the best introduction lessons I have ever had I think. It was incredible!! Completely led by the spirit and me and my companion were so in tune!! I loved it! I want that every single day!! It's really coming around ever since about Saturday we have just been on a high and I want it to continue!! It's been good!! 

It's so important we keep finding with faith and keep going with the faith in Christ, that he will help these people progress. When you really do look at the storm, just as Peter did walking on water, you sink, you cant continue to perform miracles or "walk on water". I am so grateful for the experience and learning how to keep it up. That's something I am working on lately is keeping things up and going high. I have read a bit about the Resurrection as well in Alma 40 and 41 the past couple days and it's really interesting learning about these things! It's crazy how big the plan really is and you may not understand it all but you learn little by little until you get a little pinch of the whole thing. 
us teaching one of our recent converts, Regina :) I love them so much!! It was hot in their house so she wanted it outside and there was a lot of mosquitoes so she started a fire :)  

regina again :) and her cute little boy, Gino that is my favorite!! I love him :) 

We also had Carl's Baptism!! His mom has had quite the life! It's incredible to see where people have come!! Annabelle, their mom hasn't been baptized yet, but we hope to get her to see how important it is!! She had a hard time paying attention so we focused on Shaina and Carl came with because teaching to Shaina's needs helped meet Carl. President Colache (his uncle) was saying how he use to hide from us and wouldn't want us to teach him and now he's baptized and so happy when we come and he wants to serve a mission!!

Carl's Baptism! :)

 our zone leaders :) Elder Mu and Elder Reyes :)

We also have this investigator named Eduard that is having a hard time coming to church but yesterday he wanted to come with us. He seems more interested in becoming a missionary then trying to become a member of the church. He finally said he would come to church next week, I really hope he comes!! We are working on finding more people and we are praying and hoping to find the people ready for the gospel to help them become closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love this gospel and am so grateful for it!! I am so happy I have this time to become closer to my Savior. I received an email from Talia and man!! She's amazing!! I needed to come on a mission just to figure out what she already knows spiritually. It's incredible to hear from each member of our family to see how they grow. Mom and Dad you are incredible with how you teach us and how you raised us all in the church. I LOVE it so much!! I pray that my family in the future will be the same. thank you thank you thank you!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot 
a store at the market we shopped at last monday :)
the isles are so small huh!! haha only i can fit :) 
a little girl that's the daughter of a member!
She's so adorable!! :) but super shy :) 
Right before emailing today we ate at Tom's!! A Pizza Place :)
They was no more computers to email. These are the sisters that are in our zone :)
They are so cute! I love them all :) 
our recent converts started playing with my hair yesterday.
Guess they're going to be hair stylists??

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