Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wk 62 - GOOD LUCK JADERS!!! :)

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina
Mission Leadership Conference
June 1-2, 2014

Family!! :) 

First off, I just want to say sorry i didn't take any pictures this week!! My camera i just left at the house but i'll take some today and later, but you did see the pictures of the one day mission right??

The work is truly incredible here!! i am loving it!! They are working on making la carlota a stake, as i've told you before and making La castellana it's own district. They are also splitting off hopefully into two districts if possible andon Tuesday we went to an area that is really far from La castellana called Cabancungan or something. I am not sure the spelling but it was awesome!! They had their first special sacrament there at President Cumla's house. Your ride a ceres and it's about 45 minutes away. It's so far!! We have such a small area hehe :) but I love it!! The one day mission we just got little companions and got assigned to a BRGY a little area to go share the gospel to a couple people came back and ate lunch and i ate squid and it was good!! It doesn't look very good but it was good :) then we went and got assigned to a different area and proselyted there also! it was very cool experience!! I loved it so much!! :) This is so cool seeing the work of salvation!!

For jade because next week he will be in the MTC. Always look at the blessings and the good things!! Never look at the bad, it will be a terrible experience if you look at what's bad. I promise!! There is good in EVERYTHING!!! I promise!! If you have a bad companion, just don't be the same way to him and serve him and you will love him!! I promise!! Do your best to just be yourself and represent Jesus Christ. It's the best experience to serve a mission. Everyone says it's the hardest and best thing, it's true and you will learn to understand that statement as well :) Just be excited, it will be a different schedule and not very many breaks, but there's too much work to do and you are stepping into Christ's shoes at this point, so just know you will experience a little of what he did and what he felt, but no where close. Just be happy and always smile like you do :) You're the best Jaders!! I love you so much!! :) Good luck out there!! :) I will get to actually hear from you maybe!! I'm excited :) hehe :) 

But other than that we had a miracle happen!! We still and Agustin and Toni. Agustin will be baptized on June 14, and Toni has the date of June 28 but we may switch it to the 21 because he came to church the day after we met him and doesn't have a word of wisdom problem!! He's incredible!! Then Carl, a brother of one of our recent converts and the niece of President Colache, first councilor in the presidency of this branch, and he showed up a church and hasn't been focused too much lately but his cousin got baptized on saturday and it was amazing! I took some pictures with Elder Mu's camera i will work on getting those to you this week. But he wanted to be baptized this saturday because he came to church!! but he stayed at church we left and we found out this morning the elders in our ward who are the zone leaders made a baptismal record for him and had him interviewed and he actually got interviewed as well and will be baptized on June 28th haha kind of funny but cool :) I'm excited to actually be able to teach him and help him more! :) 

Okay, well I hope you have a wonderful week with Jade leaving and everything!! I love you Jaders and you'll be amazing!! I know that!! :) I'm excited to hear how it all goes!! Have a wonderful week and know this is an amazing work and a wonder!! :) Love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot :) 

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