Monday, May 26, 2014

Wk 61 - Wonderful week with lice! :)

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina
Regina's house
TUKO!! it's about 6 inches without the tail!! cool huh!! 

the service project at reginas :)

Regina's house :) (our recent converts)
our church that's getting done :) 
some members (one our recent convert that is less active) who are showering in the rain!! :)

and my lice!! hahaha :) in case you wanted to see :)

This week was wonderful!! Tuesday morning I woke up and my head was really itchy and I was like what is wrong? I scratched my head and things kept coming in my nails. I ask my companion what it was and she told me to comb onto a white paper and see what they were, and sure enough I had lice!! Haha so i contacted the nurse and she called and told me what to do :) Washed all my bed clothes and sheets :) haha so grand!! I also got some shampoo to fix it :) So i am just using that twice a week now :) haha wonderful no??

We also have a couple baptisms coming up. Agustin on June 14 and hopefully his family will soon follow :) He is so strong and so amazing!! Will sometimes work with us and come to a few appointments with us close to his house with some of our RC and investigators. :) He's the one that took one of our RC to church because he hadn't been after his confirmation in February. Anyways so amazing!!

Then we had a miracle happen this week!! One of our members brought their lap top to show some of our investigators the restoration film and we taught a lesson and someone stopped on the c cad. I moved out of their little tsungey area so they could watch and hear and sat just outside and was talking to one of their parents then there was a brother on a c cad that stopped and I invited him to listen to our message gave him a pamphlet and asked for his information and he gave it to me and made an appointment for the next night (saturday night) we went to him the next night and he was waiting for us just outside because he was so excited. He said missionaries have taught him before and he was so excited. We gave him a baptismal date for June 28 and he accepted and he came and got us for church on his c cad and gave us a ride. We told him 8 30 and he said he showed up at like 8 and he was just glowing!! It was amazing!! I loved it so much!! He's so excited and we made an appointment to teach him at a members house that he knows :) Just such a miracle that happened to us!! :)

Then they are planning to try to start a group in our branch because it's so big and they want to break it off and make it it's own district which is so cool! But we are doing  a one day mission on friday to see how it will go with the ward. It's in the elders area and a little ways away but I'm excited to see how the work is really progressing :) I love it so much!! I just want to be able to work hard and help this area the best I can!! :)

I really do love this work and am so excited for Jade to join it also!! I guess he already joined when he was baptized but he is putting his 100 percent time into it :) That's what I love!! and Jaders!! I can't believe you are 18!! Sorry I forgot to tell you last week but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) I love you and with the best for you as you prepare to serve the Lord!!

I love you all and am so grateful for the family I have :)
Love, Sister Smoot

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