Monday, May 19, 2014

Wk - 60 Tanner and Chelsea!! Wish you the best this week!! :)

This week has been one that has the biggest downs but made the up times that much better. I am so grateful for the down experiences though because there is always something to learn and a way to grow out of it. We also learn so much of how to rely on our Savior. That is my favorite part. I am so grateful for how much quicker I am to remember my Savior when I get down in order to let him lift me up that much more.

I am so grateful for this work and for everything that has happened here. This area is amazing! Heavenly Father always knows how to help and lift us up. We have the biggest challenges and struggles that happen but the thing that's really lifted me up are to be able to just choose to become closer to our savior.

One miracle I have seen this week is that we have an investigator named Agustin that we are now seeing him everytime we go to this one area and he starts coming with us to all the close lessons to his house. One of them is a recent convert that was baptized right before we got there. We always had the hardest time seeing him and when we do he always says he'll come to church then he doesn't show up. While we were there Agustin said he'd come get him and come to church with him. This is Agustin's 2nd sunday now and he actually brought him!! It was amazing!!! Haha I loved that feeling. I love looking at the little things God puts in your path to help lift you up :) He's the best!!

Sorry I don't have time to send pictures right now. I figured out the music thing though :) I will send some more next week!! But know I love you and am so grateful for each of you to be such a big part of my life!! Jaders!! Good job today on your talk!! I wish I was there to hear it but I'm excited to hear it when I can :) and Tanner and Chelsea!! Wish you the best on your wedding!! I love you :) Keep being amazing family!! I love you all and am so grateful for you!!
Oh!! Mom and Dad :)

 Mosiah 28:7. It's an incredible verse I read this morning and when i shared in companionship study Sister Dequina pointed it out to me and I really like it. I know God will deliver us if we are in his service :) Mosiah was a worried parent but his sons went and shared with the Laminates and the Lord comforted him :) I love it so much!! :)

 I also know that through patience we can overcome everything :) I read patience in PMG and I love what it says in the box of we all expect solutions right away when the heavenly virture of patience is required!! I love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

Service Day!

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