Monday, July 14, 2014

Wk 68 - little time, lots to say :)

Area: Gardenville (Tangub)
Companion: Sister Herrera

Family!! :) 

I'm so sorry today will be short because we had an appointment this morning which fell through but we have to be at the mission home at 3 for interviews and then wait for dinner and MPT, which I am so excited for :) 

I have had a wonderful week!! I will tell you a couple of our investigators really fast. Well our RC first, the Tan family. :) They are truly incredible and just keep going!! The couple is now ward missionaries so they will be working with us now :) I'm excited!! They want me to come back in a year and go to the sealing in Cebu temple!! I really want to and am hoping and wishing it's possible!! I don't know but just a wish of mine. I told them I would try! 

Then we have the Leysa Family who is also another recent convert from December who takes us home every night and we have family home evening with them every Friday. It is amazing!! I love the people here!! They are so strong and willing to do everything!! Brother Leysa even went absent today from work to come with us which is a miracle for anyone to do!! Too bad it fell through :( But it's okay!! I am grateful for his sacrifice also! And he is happy to! He also takes us home every night and makes sure we are safe inside :) It's super nice!! 

Our investigators!! We have one that has had problems before with Word of Wisdom. Yesterday was his first day without his bisyo!! It was incredible!! :) I have never heard someone pray in the end of a lesson for so much help to stop their Word of Wisdom problem. It's the same as his wife who was baptized in March. She also worked with us yesterday and it really is incredible being here!! :) AH!! I love it!! He seemed so happy when he came to church. He said every time he wanted to smoke after eating, he would search for his scriptures and read as we told him to do and he read all about faith!! It was awesome!! I love how amazing this work is!! AH!! His baptism is for Aug.10. His name is brother Robert :)

We have a few others that aren't married and are just working on getting their desire to repent, it's pretty much there for two couples, a couple different concerns but amazing!! We are getting there! We met a referral the other day from Robert's wife who worked with us named Joy and she accepted a baptismal date and it was incredible!! Ah!! We have a less active as well with two children that also accepted baptismal dates as well. The trick is now just getting them to church!!

I love this work and know the weekly baptisms are possible if you just fast and pray the best you can!! Thank you for everything family!! This is the best work ever!! Get involved the best you can!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot 


sorry... i meant to take pictures this morning but forgot because we have an appointment. The weeks go too fast!! Next week for sure! I'll write it in my planner ;) We are living in what's called Gardenville and it's really nice we are i don't know it's like city but a little different.. I'm not sure how to explain it. There's not any mountain though. But that's okay :) We are on the sea side though so that's cool!! :) I like it!! Lots of Bamboo houses on Stilts kind of a thing :) 

Our house is really nice!! And no not really any rats! i just saw one at our RC house though a big one that the cat killed and put in front of their door 2 times now (the TAN family) it's like what April use to do but a bigger rat here. 

I saw her (Ashley) last week and I'll see her tonight at MPT :) Then I don't know Every month plus yong special occasions like zone conference and what not. 

yes!! I got it (her package) on wednesday!! Thank you!! Me and my companion finished those two bags of candy already oops!! They were good and we both were wanting chocolate :) I thought this was the last one haha it's not?? and sometimes it just sits in the office until we get a delivery or something :) and it's okay! but okay it for sure will be the last huh?! :) thank you mom! 

Pictures from the Mission President's training:

Sister Smoot & Sister Herrera

Sister Laulu, Sister Rosdahl & Sister Smoot

Sister Smoot & Sister Smoot

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