Monday, November 25, 2013

Wk 35- Happy Thanksgiving!! and Happy Anniversary last week! Sorry I forgot to tell you

At the ruins with my District!

With Barbie :)

Family!!!! :) I love you all so much!! I hope Mom and Dad had a wonderful Anniversary!! I love you both!! And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I want to see pictures too :)

This week has been really good! It was really busy though too! So a few things that i can remember that happened... :) 

So Ernesto is still doing wonderful! His daughter is Princess and they are super cute!! Ernesto will be done smoking on the 28th! he's so happy :) He will be baptized December 28th and Princess will be baptized with him. We had to move her date, because she didn't come to church, but Ernesto still did! Our Recent Convert Rodolfo is their fellow shipper and Princess use to be the one going to his house at 8 in the morning ready for church saying when are we going. Last sunday it was ernesto at 8 30 saying ok lets go! Haha but Princess didn't come, because it was the primary program and she didn't want to come and not be a part of it. She forgot to go to the practices :( kind of sad, but she said she'd come next week! We just pray for them :) They are amazing!!

Then Saturday I am sitting in Personal Study and I keep getting the thought, we need to change our schedule and go to country homes. Which Country homes it's far, we usually have enough to do to not go far, we usually go to country homes and abkasa on sunday, but saturday i felt like we needed to go, so we changed our schedule and went out there. 

We first started trying to go to our referrals, which one we hadn't contacted yet.. but neither of them were home, so I said ok lets go check the less active we met last week! She wants to bless her baby in church. She tried to get her husband to listen too but he had too much to do and left town. Anyways, so we went to her little store and sat down to share with her and she calls over her daughter! She has a brand new baby and then she said this  is my daughter, she's 11 and hasn't been baptized, but has been to church with Girly (the less active's sister who is active). Girly is in YW's. So we ended up teaching her and then we met her niece who is less active! It was incredible! It's someone who is completely ready for the gospel. 

Then that night, we went to the back of pinetree, (super muddy) and taught the big group of people. After we were about to go home. I thought it was 8 but it was 9! AH! our cerfew is 9 o'clock well 8 30 no later than 9. But i felt like we needed to go to one more place and me thinking it's only 8 was like ok lets go! We went and taught a less active who hasn't wanted to come to church. We also taught Rohello, who's wife passed away a few weeks ago, and also their grandson christian. The less active, Efren's, wife had just recently went through the temple. She wants to be sealed. Efren does too, but he's shy of his word of wisdom problem. I'm pretty sure they were all drinking a little before we got there, so we had a little interesting lesson, but sister was there and i couldn't tell if they were drunk or not, but it was an interesting fast lesson when we realized it was 9. Anyways, i don't know what we said, but all of them actually promised and came to church on sunday! When they said they would, i didn't think they would, because it had happened before, but they showed up!! I was like wow! I'd been trying to get him to come to church since before i got here! It was amazing!! I was so happy! Then Ernesto is at church and it was a cute primary program! AH!!! I loved it so much!!

I hope it kind of makes sense, but it has been an amazing and exhausting week! But we keep going with the atonement! It's amazing!! :) I love this gospel and I love this work!! thank you for everything you all do for me!! :) Have a wonderful week! Love you!!

Love, Sister Smoot

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