Monday, November 11, 2013

Wk 33- Typhoon this week!! :)

This week has been an interesting one!! haha Let just say Tuesday we had zone training and found out a huge typhoon was coming! Goodness gracious!! Haha we were told to make sure we had canned foods
 and water and what not- (which we didn't eat much of) and we shut our windows and that's about it to prepare.  So we got a flash light and some candles too! :) We just did our normal thing as missionaries. Then received a text this night to be in by 6 and don't leave until after the storm. So we did exactly that. Made sure we had load (for our phone) and went home. 

Thursday, we decided to do weekly planning because it was either that or Saturday. It was still bright and sunny outside but we couldn't go out because it was coming. I honestly felt a little weird, like ok, what do i do?? so of course we studied, did weekly planning and then we got caught up on some things and cleaned up a bit. Sister Lisaca, my companion is like busy hands, always doing something. But we sang some hymns and some primary songs. It was nice, then that night was just normal. We did our laundry then went to bed. It was just kind of like ok. Then friday we got up and it started raining. We started studies and were a little scared because we kept receiving text updates on exactly what this storm was and sister lisaca was like wow! this is big!!  She wasn't too scared because they don't ever hit bacolod very hard... but she realized it was bigger and we got a little scared... but not really. we were very safe and sound in our house! 

So friday studies were a little distracted by loud rain starting but we just continued. Then we just wrote and watched and listened to the rain when we were done. The big storm passed in the afternoon. it calmed down but was still windy. we had some flooding in our windows and under our front door but it's ok. it was really loud with our roof and everything. We didn't have electricity on friday night, but we still had water, which was good. :) So we had a candle light dinner and the pictures i sent was my favorite food i've tried here! i don't know why it was so good, but it was delicious! it had some rice, garlic, onion, chicken, soy sauce, water, and boiled egg... i'll figure out how to really make it. it's like a soup and i don't know if there was anything else in it but it was really good!! :) then saturday morning our electricity was back on but our water died, except for outside it was still running very slowly (which is where all the construction workers get water) so people were using it so we went out and filled up a couple buckets of water. which took about 10-15 minutes probably to fill, then we had some bucket showers and got ready for our csp. I dressed up in jeans (and yes i have gotten a little bigger... :/ my jeans were really tight!!) but it was ok i just wore a big t shirt and it was fine :) 

We went out and the first house we went to was roger. We helped him finish mopping his floor and getting it clean from the flood he had. Then we shared with them and it was the first time with their whole family!! He's the dad and he's the only one who's not a member... but hasn't wanted to listen to us lately, but amit amit (little by little) gid! We also went by some others and found out they were okay and shared with them and it was almost like it was a dream. It wasn't really shown, until we went to another area and saw a tree that fell over into someones house and pulled down a power line, but they had hooked up the power line again but the tree was still there. The tree that fell into our recent converts house was cut down all ready and he already fixed his house :) wow! we went there after lunch. Then we helped a member get her clothes unpacked from bags and back into the closet. 

After that, we ran home and got changed and went to our baptism! The church didn't  have power either and so we opened the windows. Guessed on the pictures (did pretty good i think) with the flash and had a flash light baptism :) It was cool! Sister Amy was so excited and happy! She was like are those people getting baptized too? and we were like, no! they're here for you!! She's 21 and super cute! She's new in the home of wycoco's as their house help. She was so happy. She's one that cried when we taught her about Joseph Smith and ah! She's amazing! i love her :) Anyways that was the baptism. 

Then sunday we had ward conference! Stake leaders were there and they showed the video about the family that shares the gospel and the song that plays is i'll go where you want me to go. It was amazing! We also got a new Bishop and we got asked to just sing with them in their ward choir, which was cool. :) Our Bishop was serving for 6 years and his councilor became our bishop. It was emotional and a cool experience. Reminded me of when dad got called. I can't really remember much when he got released. But our Bishop (now former) couldn't finish his testimony because he was crying. It was a cool and incredible experience! 

Well I love you all! hope you have a wonderful week!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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  1. Jenna Love reading about your mission. I am so glad you are having a great experience. I knew you would be an awesome missionary. Linda