Sunday, November 3, 2013


my new companion :) Sister Lisaca!! she's awesome!!
This week has been interesting. It's been a wonderful and interesting week! :) 

Tuesday Sinema's brought us lunch at our house which was fun :) I love them and they help a lot, but sister siervo was still homesick, she needed someone she knew that spoke tagalog. Anytime we are having a rough time sinema's take us to lunch or bring us lunch :) They are amazing! I love them so much!! :)

Thursday morning, we started studies and Sister Siervo looked up at me and said, "sister, homesick" and then started crying. I gave her a hug and I talked a little and she wanted to text president. Anyways President was in meetings so she got a blessing from the elders and took a little nap. I have never seen someone that homesick. Once she woke up I was told to just take her out and work to try to get her mind off of it. It kind of worked when we were in lessons. But out of lessons, it was a little different. She then was ok that night talked to president on the phone and was a little happier. The next morning, the same thing happened. She was homesick again and just cried and didn't study. I didn't know what to do, so she just wanted to text president, so she did and next think I know we are going to President's house on Friday. She talked to him and had a lot of people call her. I did weekly planning while she was sleeping and talking on the phone. I also studied and then she just slept. I was struggling feeling like a failure so I got a blessing and felt the love of our Savior. I haven't felt his love so strong. It was incredible!! I knew this is God's plan. I was with her for a week for a reason. I know this was for a good reason. And with Sister Lisaca now i know God loves me and is watching out for me too. But friday we just stayed in all day. We were suppose to go to the cemetery for november 1st but it's ok maybe sometime in the future i'll experience that holiday here :) ok lang na!

Saturday, we got up and studied, but sister kind of slept because she didn't sleep well the night before after personal study. I made her some food because she hadn't really eaten and then we went to the conference! It was cool!! We were up in a room waiting to go to the chapel and i walked out and Sister Lisaca was thrown in with us and they said sister smoot! this is your new companion and i was like oh! ok! so i sat between sister siervo and sister lisaca for the conference :) It was really good! He told us about how they visited bahol and showed us some pictures. We had some 70's talk to us and i forgot my notebook i took notes in, but it was incredible! The think i remember most though was when he walked in and I just KNEW he was an apostle of God. He also wanted to shake all of our hands. It was amazing!! I loved it! It was an honor to meet him!! :) It flew by so fast though! They talked about Christ and the merit, mercy, and something i can't remember but it's in 2 Ne 2 and Lehi says it :) haha but the spirit was there really strong and I was just amazed that he was actually there. It honestly just felt a little fake. After the conference we went back to our apartment with sister siervo's 2 companions got her stuff ate dinner with us all while waiting for elder and sister anderson to come get them and then after we went out to some appointments. one being sister amy to help her be ready for her interview on sunday :)

Sunday, we also had the opportunity to listen to Elder Anderson speak because we are in the bacolod north stake :) and we had stake conference with him. It was amazing!! We were told some funny stories and some cool spiritual stories (I wish i could remember some of them but my brain is blank right now) but i absolutely enjoyed all of it. He talked a lot about patience and how sometimes answers to prayers don't come as fast as we'd like. It's important to keep staying strong, because if you don't, the blessings won't come. It was an incredible meeting and very fast!! But incredible! 

Time honestly just flies and I don't understand how. Sister Sanders will be coming home soon and I won't see her again until we are in Utah. WOW! This is an incredible work and I am so grateful for everything that I've learned here and for the opportunity to feel the love of my Savior. Thank you for everything you've done for me, for your love and support here. Even though it was a little different of a week, I am so grateful for the experiences I've had. This is an incredible work! I'm excited to keep going and to become better each and everyday! I love you!! :) 

Love, Sister Smoot

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