Monday, April 28, 2014

Wk 57 - It's almost May!!

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina

Holy cow!! I can't believe it's almost May, this is going too fast!! So this week... It was a good week :) Weeks go so fast, it's so crazy. It's all of a sudden mondayagain and i'm not sure what to say because i felt like i said it all last week haha but the work is progressing :)

We had miracles last sunday and had some investigators one that Sister Dequina met on our splits show up to church!! It was awesome!! That's what we have been trying to focus is getting investigators to church because it's the biggest problem we are having right now. (funny proglem to have huh) but it's awesome!! I love it!! We have Sister Regina who is so happy she is going to be baptized on may 10th, oh and that baptism is the Elders baptism they just invited us and we got to see their baptism in the river :) it was cool!! so awesome!! But Regina was asking last night about everything what she should wear, where will she be baptized. It was so cool!! She is also not going to move which she was going to!! But ever since she started listening to us miracles started happening in her life! Members are starting to help her and oh goodness!! It's truly amazing!! I love it!! :) 

Then Willa is amazing!! She came to church with her little sister :) Our next step is to help her parents understand because she's 14 but amazing at english and has a little hard time understand ilonggo sometimes, but understands and oh!! i love it!! She's incredible! :) This work here is coming! I'm noticing miracles everyday :) it's amazing!! :) 

This work is incredible!! and about the recital. I decided it was better not to do it. President said it was okay but it ended up on the monday we are suppose to have an Mission Presidents Training and Zone Training the next morning and we wouldn't be able to make it and yeah it was a hard decision but we are missionaries so i'm focusing on that right now :) I miss singing and was grateful and excited for the opportunity but it's definitely a test of what I'm really focused on so I'll focus on the right thing and go to the meeting like I am suppose to. :)
the Elders had a baptism this week

But anyways, it's a good week!! I love this work and the miracles that are happening!! :) Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! :) 

OH!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AUSTIN AND TALIA ON SATURDAY!! :) (i think that's the 3rd right??) I love you both!! Can't believe it's already been 6 years!! AH!! :) so amazing!! 

Love, Sister Smoot

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