Monday, April 14, 2014


Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina
After the women's conference!

Sister Smoot with Jeanelyn Lisaca
Okay, so first of all, It's sad to think this is my last general conference on my mission... holy cow!!! But it was AMAZING!!! I loved every bit of it!! And yes Saturday we went to La Carlota and watched it in their church. Then Sunday our BML got a DVD of it from the stake and we watched it in a dvd player in our meeting house. yes under a canopy outside :) it was kind of fun! But it was amazing!! I love what they said about sharing what you learned in Preach my Gospel. Things I've been studying lately is the Christ like attributes a lot in the past couple months and I love it!! Something huge I've learned lately is patience and trying to be patient through everything! I've worked on a few and I notice also as you work on certain attributes they are totally tested but it's awesome!! Because that's the only way it'll become stronger. I will look up something specific for next week out of Preach My Gospel because it is amazing!! :)

Anyways, this week has been wonderful!! We had a referral named Regina and she is a single mom who lives up this little mountain thing with her three kids. She doesn't have electricity but she is adorable!! We've taught her a few times and she came to general conference and stayed the whole time!! even the hour in between and the members fed her which is amazing because she's been having a hard time with money because she's getting over chicken pox which all of her kids got, as well as her. She has cried more than not as we come to her house. She was also teary when she came to church. AH!! it was amazing!! 

Friday, We went to our relief society President's house, because she is the only member in her family. That night I found out we are the only mormons they have let in their house.. I don't know why but that's the second time we'd gone there and the first time they fed us and we sang to them. Then the next time we found out that our relief society president's sister is a singer she teaches voice and serves as the chorister in the catholic church for the choir. Anyways, I sang with her a little and she asked me to guest at her recital and I haven't followed up with her but I wasn't sure if it was okay. Sister Dequina got excited and I was like I don't know, but she called President and he said it was okay and said whatever will help our area best. So that's the first week of May if I end up singing at that. It will be a cool opportunity to maybe build the trust of her family and maybe get other investigators too, hopefully! But It was just cool and I miss that soo much, the music and singing!! AH!! That's why I felt a little bad because I didn't know if it was okay, but I guess it is now, so we'll see what happens there. :)

I love this work!!! AH!!! We also have Willa who is still not sure, her family is super strong in their religion, but she is still researching and trying to figure out if it's true but she didn't come to church because she was sick, but her little sister showed up! Which is a miracle!! It was cool!! I love this church!! I know it's true and I love how much this work brings us closer to Christ and how my testimony grows stronger and stronger everyday!!

Jaders!! I am so proud of you for how much you've grown!! Yes mom and dad both bragged about you to me about how you bore your testimony and how Tanner gave an incredible talk! :) Then how well Tayton and Jade are doing in baseball!!! AH!!! One day i'll watch you play again :) Then Talia.. it's turned to mostly her kids and how cute they are and amazing!! I know they are proud of you for how you're raising your kids! but AHH!!! I do love it so much :) I absolutely love our family!! And our parents don't ever really say anything about themselves other then they're good and all they do is talk bout their kids and grandkids and what they're doing!! Dad tells me sometimes about work, but it's amazing! I love how the gospel makes us so happy and blesses us tremendously!! I love the good decisions we are making in our family! I am so grateful for this work and for the true church on earth :) I love you all!!

Love, Sister Smoot

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