Monday, April 21, 2014

Wk 56 - Happy Birthday Tayton and Happy Easter!! :)

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina
These are our neighbor kids that the dad of 2 of them asked if they could be taught out on our porch so every morning while studying they come over and we teach them :) (as our practice teaching during companionship study) haha they are so cute and so smart too!! i love it!! 
Elder Ellis is from Pleasant Grove
some more pictues from my past weeks here :)
 haha sorry i forgot what i chose i just went through them 

Elder Eagen :)
when i transfered to la castellana at the mission home.
 This is when i gave him a memory card to bring home to you :)
he went home with the Sinemas

a little snack that ended up being a birthday haha but so cute!! They gave us some food and then we shared with them and so awesome!! The little boy's mom isn't a member but dad and dad's family is :) they were the ones that fixed my dress last night and so amazing :) love it! 

that first picture is for Jade :) hahaha this is one of our recent converts here who is so amazing!! always at church!! I asked him if he knew what a homeboy was and he was like a lalaki sa balay which means a boy at a house hahaha i laughed so hard he's so just innocent. I tried to explain it and he said oh like astig? and i was like yeah haha that means like cool. I didn't know how to explain it. I tried to say it like jade did before but haha i'm not that great at it but he understood :) 
This is who i went on exchanges with last week :) Sister Turtal and I went to San Enrique!! They are super cute!! Sister Dequina was her previous companion and her companion now is sister Turtal who was sister Monson's companion in the MTC. and Sister Dequina was sister Monson's trainer here cool huh?! 
then this is regina :) and her kids... she made us espasol or something but it's really pretty good :) it was fun!! This is how everyone cooks here by the way if you can see it it's a little clay pot thing that they build a fire in :) it's their stove :) and no i haven't gotten the philippino squat down! my ankles can't do it... the other sister and brother and jenny and robert they worked with us :) they are members and robert is a rc in the elders area :) they are amazing!

this is when my dress ripped yesterday on a chair :) haha Sister Silvano is a member and has a son on a mission she fixed my dress for me :) haha
just for temporary and then she said to bring it back and she'll fix it more!!!

So this week... hmmm... where to begin :) First of all!! Since it's still your birthday there, Happy Birthday Tayton!! I love you so much and am so grateful for you!! :) and Happy Easter sa tanan kamo!!! :) I love you all!! I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ! I know he lives and he is truly our Savior and our way back to our Heavenly Father!! :) I am so grateful for Jesus Christ!! 

So this week has been really good!! We've been first teaching Regina who is amazing!! She's a single mom that lives up this little mountain that's a really rocky path.. you're just walking on big rocks all the way up to her house but she has 3 kids and the two older ones ones are 7 and one is 8- they are so grown up and such amazing helpers to their mom. Helping her cook and helping her with everything!! They carry everything up the hill which we did last time while the mom carriedthe little boy who is 1. They are so cute!! Holy cow!! But she's going through a hard time right now and it's amazing because I can see the gospel blessing her life so much!! They have become so happy!! 

We are also teaching Willa who is 14 and is searching still for the truth but the past couple times going to her she hadn't read... but really fast i'll tell you about yesterday because now i sent pictures and am running out of time :) 

but yesterday haha happy easter!! They didn't do much for easter... but at church we had a professional play the piano... It was the loudest most intense hymn i had ever heard!! It was kind of cool!! But he's from here but lives in illo illo right now so that was cool!! Then we split because we had some members that could work with us :) The first one was a less active and he was so funny. I wish i could tell you everything he said over email but not enough time and i wouldn't be able to explain it very well but it was a good lesson and he said he wants to return back to church but not yet.. so we are working on him :) then the next lesson is when my dress ripped on the bench! haha oops!! and sister fixed it for me luckily :) so kind of her!! But it was a wonderful day yesterday!! I love easter and sister made carbanara pasta which was delightful and fruit salad!! (question.. do we have all purpose ceram?) It was so so so good!! I enjoyed it :) but we had a good lunch!! 

I am so grateful for this gospel and for the chance to be able to help people focus on the Savior not just on easter or on Christmas, but everyday :) It's my favorite work!! And sorry i'm just in a little bit of a hurry but I l love you and hope you enjoy the pictures :) Keep being amazing!! I am grateful for each of you!! Happy Easter and Happy Birthday again Tayton!! :) Have a wonderful week! 

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