Monday, December 16, 2013

Wk 38-

Bacolod North Zone

Okay, well now that i am crying and can't remember what has happened this past week haha I'll try my best :)
(We had to tell Jenna that we had to take our cat to the vet to be put to sleep :(  She was just so old and shutting down- Jenna was so sad and said April was one of her best friends)

This week has been really good! Sister Oquias, I have learned a lot from her and all she does! I am so grateful to be her companion! She's a sweetheart and loves being a missionary!! :) 

Something that has been big that's happened in the past week is that sister oquias had an idea that she did with her old trainer of singing to people that didn't have time for a lesson. But we pray, sing and share a short like 30 second message about Christ and how it's important around Christmas season and close with prayer again. Haha It's a wonderful thing because they feel the spirit and we can help them become closer to Christ. It's also helped us on the days we don't have many teachings go way up!! It's amazing how the spirit works! 

Well, let me back up, we had zone conference, and they shot our zone goals up a ton, which I was like wait, wow! But I felt like we could do it, I didn't know how, but I knew we could. I just said yes we can, and then the five minute lessons came and it's helped a lot!! 

As for baptisms coming up, we have Bhea on christmas and it was amazing last sunday her mom! (a less active) actually came to church!! It made me so happy! She was just coming with her aunt, who is in YW, and now her mom is coming too! She's the one that I had an amazing experience feeling like I needed to go to country homes and then needing change for plete and she said she was a member (her mom who owns the store) and then we were introduced to her daughter who had come to church before! which i had seen her but didn't know she wasn't a member! But she is 11 and is so ready for baptism!! So Christmas day is her baptism. :)

We also have Ernesto and Princess for Jan 4! I am so proud of Ernesto, he finally stopped smoking his last 1 cigarette and coffee on saturday!! I am so happy for him! He came to church by himself and he even got a blessing from the Elders. It was a really cool experience!! I am so excited for them! Also, last sunday we had someone sister neis contacted when she was here and was on exchanges come to church! It's another Less Active and her grandson wants to be baptized! They only taught him once and everytime we went back they weren't there! But we hadn't tried to go to them for a month or two and then they showed up at church! He wants to be baptized and he had a baptism date from the last time they taught him, but we went to his house yesterday and he has a baptismal date for January 18! :) I'm so excited and I love how miracle happen when you work hard and just continue! There is no relaxing in missionary work! You just keep going!! :) 

I love this work and love the miracles that happen! I will try to do better and write more in my journal so i can tell you more mom! But just know I am loving this work and even though, things happen at home and it's a challenge for me here, half way across the world, I know it's just to test my faith. I need to be strong and continue. Leaving behind everything at home and just be here as a missionary. I love you! I am so grateful for my time I have here and know I am where I need to be! Have a wonderful week!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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