Monday, December 30, 2013

Wk 40- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Oquias

a White Christmas
Baptism of Bhea!

Outside the mission home on Christmas Eve
Sister Smoot & Sister Oquias
Sister Solemone & Sister Smoot
In Camilla walking home :) just on a bridge!
Villanueva with Rico :) love them!! 

Hello Family!! Happy New Year!! :) I love you all!!

This week was good!! We had a zone conference on Christmas eve and it was amazing!! I loved it and loved learning about what we can do better!! :) We learned about the blessings of tithing and how it truly does help us so much!! We are promised to have food on our plate if we pay tithing. It's an incredible blessing! We will always have enough! It's a huge blessing from our Heavenly Father. I love the blessing of paying tithing!!

We also had Ernesto and Princess come to church! It was awesome! And Bhea got confirmed!! I love the experiences here! I love how much the church can grow! It's so important to l.ose yourself in the work. On Christmas day, I got to see you!! I loved it!! Thank you :) and I got to see someone take the first big step in their life! She said she wants to serve a mission! She is amazing!! I loved it!! I love this gospel and all the miracles that happen! This week i didn't write in my journal! I am not doing so good I am sorry!! so I can't remember everything but i'm going to catch up this week it's one of my goals :) haha i'm going to be able to write in my journal so i can tell you about all the little miracles that happen everyday!! 

Yesterday, a baptist that is getting money for his education from his church as long as he goes to church actually came to church on sunday!! I didn't expect it because he goes to church every sunday afternoon so he can go to school. He knows it's true, we just are going to try to teach his grandma so we can help him more :) He's 12 years old and is amazing! He's Rico, we teach him at Villanueva's house :) This GOSPEL IS AMAZING AND TRUE!!

We have baptisms lined up for 2 on Jan 11 and 1 on january 18. We have another one for January 18 but she just has to ask permission from her parents. She's come to church twice now :) I didn't even know she was there last week, but my companion saw her but didn't tell me because we hadn't taught her yet. We have a few more we need to give dates for hopefully for January 25. ! Miracles happen everyday!! I love it!! :) 

Anyways! I am excited for this week! I want to feel hungry once! These people like to feed you especially on holidays! But It's awesome! I love the people here and how much they are turning to their Savior!! :) I love you all!! 

Love, Sister Smoot :)

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