Monday, September 23, 2013

Wk 26: 6 months already?! WHAT??

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis

This week has been good! And i'm sorry I don't have a ton of time today. The power went out while I've been on the computer haha but only for a few minutes at least. :) I came to the right place with a generator! :) Anyways... This week has been really good! I will just tell you some highlights that i can remember. :)

So Wednesday we had Zone Conference and it was incredible what we learned. I always learn so much and how much we truly can grow and become more like the Savior. We also watched a video that made me cry about missionaries and Jesus Christ. I think it's by Elder Eyring (the atonement and something) i can't remember, but it was incredible! It was about thinking about Christ and what he did for you when you're tired and want to rest. It was amazing!!

Anyways, at this zone conference I had an experience, I'm still not sure what to do with at this point, but I know I'm suppose to do something. Anyways, someone told me at lunch, "michael says hi" and i was trying to think who it was from my previous ward, but i couldn't remember. anyways but that was the first one so i had every michael i knew going through my mind. Then we were in the zone conference and they had missionaries go up and teach the plan of salvation. When the missionary taught about the plan of salvation she said michael a lot referring to adam. i was like ok why is michael not leaving my mind. then after I get a dear elder handed to me, guess who it's from, Michael Halmark. I was like who is michael! Anyways, side note that letter was cool. but i'll tell you about that next week, but another michael. Then we came home ate dinner and went and taught a lesson before doing studies. Then we came back and did personal study. I couldn't get michael out of my mind. I read my scriptures, didn't understand them, i got through about 4 verses over and over a few times. Then i was like ok, who's michael. I had a feeling to read my patrichal blessing and in it it talks about my ancesters, you know? So, that's what stood out to me so i was like ok... well now what? Then i remembered the pedigree chart Dad did for me.. so I got it out and sure enough, Grandma Smoot's Dad's name is Michael. I noticed on their it doesn't say him and his wife were sealed... maybe it's just not updated but I don't know what to do with that. Anyways, then that night I was telling sister Neis about all my Michaels, and she was like wow!! And then she pointed out that at the lesson we taught, he was asking about Michael and if it's bad to call them Mike or Mikey, or if they get offended. But yeah, anyways it was really weird and cool and I'm not sure what to do there, but if you could maybe look into that and let me know about Michael John Austin that'd be great. :) I'm not really sure yet what it's all about, but it's cool to know! 

We also had a baptism on saturday of Rodolfo. He's 67 years old and has been taught for a while. He finally started coming to church when we came, it was our first sunday and his as well. It was incredible! His daughter is a less active member and she works on sunday, but knows the church is true. It's incredible how happy people are when they get baptized. He shook the wittness's hands before he left the font as well as Elder Gibbons who baptized him. He chocked up a little baring his testimony and he also shook peoples hands walking down from the stand after getting confirmed on sunday. It was incredible!! I LOVE THIS WORK!! It's so cool!! :)

We also had a few different blessings given this week. It was really cool seeing how it all just works out and how powerful the priesthood is and how much it helps and lifts people up when they are sick or in need of comfort. I love the power of the priesthood and to be able to have it my home. :) Thank you! :) I love this work! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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