Monday, September 9, 2013

Wk 24: BATA YEHEE!!! :)

our neighborhood :) camilla homes!

a sunset

a sign they have in camilla :) 

 walking out of camilla! :) 

i wish it was bamboo framing... but this is construction around our house
and one of the construction workers :) when it's blazing hot outside! :) 
we were melting inside because it was a brown out :) hahaha

This week has been good!! :) We just had kind of a normal week and are continuing on in the work! It was one of those weeks where it was really good! Then sunday it gets really hard, because people don't come to church... but less actives were there and they have a daughter and her friend who are 9 and it's incredible seeing how they (the cuaresma family) haven't been to church for 6 months and now are returning! I love seeing this in their life! The dad may take a minute, he just needs to figure out his work schedule :) but he's working on it! so that's good too!! :)

Wednesday, we had zone training! It was really good! We have Elder Gibbons and Elder Rillorita as our zone leaders right now and they are awesome! Elder Wilstead went to Cebuano and Elder Gibbons is now coming from 8 months of Cebuano. haha yay! :) They are amazing though! The night before I was asked to share my feelings about how the atonement has helped me as a missionary and to give a special presentation. So our zone leaders and with me and sister neis played the piano. I miss singing so much! It's so fun! I need Talia's help to get my voice back into shape when i get home for good. :) but people enjoyed it so that's good! :) haha and when i shared about how the atonement has helped me as a missionary, i had a good  experience where i realized as people were talking because i was near the end, that it's not only who you represent, but it's who your companion represents. If the savior was your companion, you would do everything, you would serve him and everything. The atonement everyday forgives me of my sins, but not only that, it helps me be relieved when i am angry at my companion, when i don't love her like i should. It's helped me overcome homesickness and everything being here in the Philippines. It's helped me overcome so much. I wouldn't be able to do this without the atonement. I wouldn't be here. The atonement is the only way we can return to our father in heaven and I am so grateful for it and for the chance and inspirations I have as a missionary here in the Philippines. 

This week we had quite a few members with us! It's cool how much members really can add. I love it! It makes me wish i would have worked with them before my mission, and it makes me want to after my mission if i can figure out where they are in utah, but it's so incredible how ever single person has such a vital part. It also made me realize that as missionaries we have Jesus Christ's name on our chest. But when we are baptized we take his name upon us. We ALL are his representatives. We need to remember that, and love him and show that we love him ever single day. I am so grateful for this gospel!

Brother Roger is one of our investigators that says he knows it's true, but he can't know until he prays. It's so important that we pray for our conversion. We can't know of spiritual truths without prayer, i read that today in preach my gospel. It's so incredible! Preach my gospel is amazing and so is the Book of Mormon! It's hard... a mission is hard... but we can do it because we have the atonement and all these amazing tools to help us! :) 

I love this work and even though i get down sometimes, I get lifted up by angels to help me continue and everyday starts new. We can choose to be sad or happy, i'm going to choose to be happy. :) I love the leaders of this church and I know for a fact we are all called of God for each calling we have! I am so grateful for every opportunity I have, i forget and take them for granted sometimes, but it's going to be a wonderful week! i'm excited :)

Love you all! Make the choice to be happy! Life is a gift from God :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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