Monday, September 16, 2013

Wk 25- Maayong udto!! :)

Our District

Sisters in our District

we went through a flood to teach sister Analia when it rained hard :) with sister connie!

We also had reggie (my previous ward's mission leader) come and work with us... sister ronalyn also wanted to be in the picture but she was taking the picture :) 

sister ronalyn is the one that brought reggie her records are in a different ward, but she always goes to here and galo. she's cute :) and maryrose is the other one! they are awesome to work with us every week! :) love them!

On our way to email today... roger asked us if we wanted a coconut... so he climbed up and got us one to drink! it was kinda funny :) so we took a picture. Roger is one of our investigators his wife and family are a member... he's kinda difficult.. but he offers us Remmelton/remboltan... i don't know what it's called but they are delicious! my favorite! he knows that too so he gave us some when we left. haha he offers us cooked bananas and everything just as we pass by it's super funny but that's his house in the background of me and sister neis :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis

Tuesday.. transfers. Nothing really changed :) just sister polatis! We had dinner at a members house the Villinueva Family. They are the family with Zusie and Elijah is her boyfriend that just got baptized. :) We had some delicious food my favorite was the soup. :) but you do make it in a rice cooker... (do we have those at home) we have one at our apartment but never use it. But it had bananas and sweet potatoes that are white in it i don't know if we have those and we don't have the same bananas at home, but maybe ours will work i don't know haha but i may try and make it :) i got the instructions! :)

Wednesday we taught brother Enrico a recent convert! His dad is super cute and his dad, Apolonio was baptized in 2011. Apolonio is this happy, funny brother. He is like in his 70's probably and has had a stroke, but is super happy when we come over. :) He makes my day! and Enrico is kind of quiet but loves to ask questions and understand the Book of Mormon. :) We also taught brother Ramon Villinueva, who is neighbors and cousins with villinueva the active members. He hasn't been to church since like grade school and now he has 2 kids and is married. They are super cute! His two kids came to church on sunday and we've taught them, but his wife won't let us teach her yet :) but they are super cute! and i can't remember if it was this day, but we taught Ramon a lesson this week that was incredible! He read 1 Nephi chapter 1 and related Lehi to himself. He said that Lehi needed angels just like he does in his life and he pointed to us when he said that. It just made my heart melt. I can't even remember what i said. But it's incredible how just being missionaries doing what missionaries do can make you be an angel to someone else. It made me stop and realize how important this work really is! And I love how incredible it is! He's just trying to get work off on sundays to come to church. But at least his kids came with their great aunt and dad's cousins :)

Thursday, we were studying and i can't remember what we were talking about, but just about families and everything. I have never felt so grateful for my parents. Mom and Dad you are incredible! I am so grateful how much you are both there for me and how much time and effort you put into us as your children. I admire it so much.

Thursday, also reggie my previous ward mission leader worked with us! haha it made me laugh! I went to meet the 2 sisters working with us and sister ronalyn said reggie is coming to work with us too... I was like what?? haha it was nice to see him and work with him again though :) He's a character! He also told me i looked more mature... and kept laughing at my voice in illongo. I guess it just threw him off because i use to always talk to him in english. :) haha We also had a lesson this night with a Less active Husband, Father, and Grandfather. He is incredible! He said he would come to church by the end of our lesson before we transfered haha. but he has his reasons he's not coming now. But we sang a song at the end of the lesson, I am a child of god. We left him in tears. It's crazy when you can actually see how much they miss the spirit and a simple song can bring that feeling to them again.

Saturday we attended a baptism with Brother Rodolfo who is getting baptized this coming saturday. He wanted to see a baptism :) but the sister ended up not getting baptized because she couldn't get her whole body under so she will be baptized with brother rodolfo next week. :)

Sunday was incredible. Sister Neis spoke in sacrament meeting and she wrote this incredibly cute story about the pre earth life. It was so cute! :) i will send you a copy of her talk :) She wrote it all down. :) We also have Edwin and Tessie Tossing who came to church. :) They have a baptismal date and i'll tell you about them next week if i haven't told you about them yet. :)

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! it was a good week for me and I'm going to have another good week!! :)

I love you all!! :)
Love Sister Smoot :)

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