Monday, September 2, 2013

Wk 23- It's already September!! AH!!

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis
 with Sister Monson

Elijah's baptism

Elijah's baptism with Alvie Joy and the Elders

This week has been wonderful! :)

I went on exchanges on thursday to friday. It was a blast! We switched with Sister Martinez and Sister Maloata (i don't know how to spell her name) but it was fun! I went to silay west with sister martinez! I met a few people i remember Sister sanders talking about too because she was in the area for 6 months before she went to Galo the transfer before i came here. It's incredible to see how in all areas the work is progressing so much! I also saw the beach!! It was so cool!! but i couldn't take a picture, because we can't take pictures while proselyting... sad but it was so cool just to see out of someone's back yard a beach! :) I love it!! :)

Don't be mad mom... i am short on time so i may not be the best detailed letter... but i'll try my best really fast to do some high lights. :)

This week we had Elijah's Baptism!! It was so amazing! It's incredible to see how much faith and how strong his testimony is! Even if his parents don't want him to join... he did it anyway. It's incredible to hear his testimony and to see Zusie's dad (his girlfriends dad) be able to baptize him. Zusie's parents were converts and it's incredible to hear their storie. Their mom also does our laundry just so you know. :) But they are an incredible family! I love them so much! It makes me feel at home! The mom reminds me a little bit of Tammy and the older daughter reminds me of Brittani. It's cute. :) I love them! But i know Elijah will make it! It's incredible!! :) then after the baptism saturday night, elijah said i forgot to thank you, sorry i was nervous. but the thing is it wasn't us. It was Heavenly Father who provided the way and it's incredible just being his instruments here! :) 

Sunday he got confirmed It was amazing!! and then after church, we go around and nobody is home, we have no idea what is going on. People were drunk or not home. So we taught no investigators, but we taught less actives and recent converts. One less active family we taught was the Cuaresma family. It was incredible! They came to church for the first time in 6 months!! He wants to change and i shared 1 Nephi 3:7. It wouldn't leave my mind, but when i shared it at the end it says that God will provide a way for you to follow his commandments. He asked his boss for when they were going to change the schedule around and i love how amazing it is! How the gospel can change their lives again. They said Elders would come by and share with them, but just seeing us there again, which i feel like we didn't do much, but just going to them and showing we care, that's all it had. yesterday was only the second time we taught the parents, it was the daughters 3rd time at church and their 1st time. They have 7 kids and i found out one is 9 years old and isn't baptized yet! We realized when we were counting last night we have a new investigator! It was amazing how God puts people in your path so you can help them. He will lead you there. :)

Well, it's been a good week!! I love you!! :) I hope this is ok for this week!! :) Keep reading the scriptures and praying! And be happy with who you are! We are all sons and daughters of God! He loves us so much and will do anything to help us! Just turn to him!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

a couple other funny things Jenna said: 

we always have kids run and give us high fives i think cuz we are white or because we shine with the light of christ or both but they always run away laughing like that was the best thing 
ever! haha :) or just have a huge smile on their face i love people here!! Ah!!! :)

oh and the other day a group of men gambling just squatting in the road. we walked by and one goes "everyone stop!!" (doing the arms as if someone was safe who just slid in to home plate) then he goes "LOOK!! She so beautiful!!" we just walked by and said maayong hapon haha he did it again when we walked by going back. it was funny :) haha they tell you 
you're fat and they tell you you're beautiful. they are just straight forward. but i can't wait til i can actually wear my hair down again! :) haha- (she said if they say you're fat, it's a 
compliment because it means you have enough food to eat)

ang sabat ko sa mga pamankot mo (no idea what that means!)

yes i drink lots of water here :) if i don't i get headaches :) fasting yesterday was hard because my body needed water... but it's ok :) i just love my water! :)

yes i figured out the bank :) i remembered my number and took out i think 50 which is something like 2000 pesos :) and water is free :) I just have a dinner appointment every week and they like to make us good food and tell us to keep eating and then complain after because the elders use to finish it and we can't... :/ haha love brother wycoco!

 I really love this work mom! It's really amazing here! don't worry about me ok?? you worry too much i promise! I am happy and fine now! :) i love being here!:)

i miss salad!! yes ranch.. they don't have it here... lettuce is so expensive here. sometimes i will get a salad because they have it at a restaurant or something... and mac and cheese 
sounds good! but what else can i eat mom i need a variety something in a meal that's easy and doesn't use cheese or something they don't have here... i am just trying to be creative 
but i'm getting bored with food and i need something healthy and kinda fastish. :) I love food here though... i miss like your home made things but that's what i'll have to wait for when i 
get home. :) (she doesn't have an oven)

 i have a zit on my forehead which i get sometimes just in life and someone asked me if i had a boyfriend yesterday and i said yes why? and they said because you have a zit it 
means your in love.... hahah it was funny i was like what?? that's news to me!

aye! salamat gid mom :) i love you!! 

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