Monday, March 31, 2014

Wk 53 - La Castellana!! :)

Area: La Castellana
Companion: Sister Dequina

So my new area :) It's amazing!! I have never had such incredible members to just be so willing to work and to help out! I love it so much!! My companion is also amazing!! Her name is Sister Dequina. She is the only member in her family. She was also Sister Monson's trainer and I will also be going home with her. :) I was in Bata with her for 5 months. We both trained and opened areas in neighboring wards then she left the month before I did. She is an incredible missionary and just so happy. :) I love her so much!! :) I admire her too so much!! Her dad has passed away but now has a step dad who's living with her mom. 

My area is amazing! Our house is old,so some things have been getting fixed and the last thing was finished this morning :) It's a really nice house and I love it :) It's cute! I didn't take pictures and haven't yet gotten a new card reader, i'll check mine again and see if it works, but anyways about my area... :)

My area is amazing!! Me and Sister Dequina are opening an area and are the first sisters in this branch. Their branch is getting bigger so they are reconstructing the church right now, so we are in a meeting house! Our Sacrament meeting is outside which is kind of fun :) I love it!! And yesterday they also had us speak in church! It was kind of fun :) For some reason though, I don't feel too nervous, just more excited to be able to continue!! We are starting to get more investigators and the members are helping us a lot!! I love it :) We have i think they said around 100 people attending church :) We just have 2 elders and 2 sisters here; the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, so kind of cool and it's in the La Carlota Zone. A member also gave me a note from Sister Lisaca's sister :) it made my day! :) We live on Nolido Street. I am not sure the address. It's next to a sign that says SSS something. I don't know haha I'll have to work on that :) but we have all of the proper(city) and the elders are in the bukid (mountains). It's kind of fun :) 

yeah this week is the banana festival haha so yippie!! :)  they have a lot of things set up i'll see what i can do about pictures ;)

Yes our toilet is normal but no seat or lid. We just got it fixed this morning so it flushes now :) we just dumped water the past couple days. It's an elders area that just got added sisters so they made the sisters here in the proper. Yes we still have a bucket shower also. It's fine though because I'm use to it now :) There's most of your answers dad :) any more?? :) haha

I love this area it's very nice and I'm excited to continue to help it progress :) we are also going to Bacolod today for MLC :) I'm excited to go and am excited to continue in this area! AH!! Oh! also this ward has a calendar to feed us... uh oh... but so nice of them :)

Back up a little...Touring the Cebu missionaries was amazing!! I absolutely loved it!! :) Their STL's replaced us and we had an incredible day that day! We just split and toured them around :) It was kind of cool! And after I went by the investigators who's house burnt down, one of them, Jesse(bob marley) texted and asked where we were. Then he came and gave me two bracelets. One for me and sister lara. It was cute :) They said they would get baptized.They all want to :) It's amazing!! :) AH!!!

Anyways, I love this and I hope to just continue to work harder and harder and become happier with the work I have here. I am so grateful to be a missionary and help people find the truth. I love this work. I love the true church here on earth and am so happy for everything God has given me in life!! I know we wouldn't have what we do without this church!! 

Thank you for all you do and your support!! :) Keep being the amazing people you are!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

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