Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wk 51- Happy Birthday to me and Sister Lara!! :)

Area: San Carlos
Companion: Sister Lara

added the candles you sent :) :)

This week has been amazing!! I am so sorry!! so many emails that i don't have a ton of time. But our birthdays were amazing!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for everything you do for me!!

We had a good time this week. With both of our birthdays and sister lara hitting one year. She burned some clothes but those pictures are on her camera. It was kinda fun :) She's a cutie!! I absolutely love her to death!!

from Matthew :)

my birthday!!
what's inside?! haha sister lara took so many pictures!
 i don't know what to send and i look terrible!! good morning!! haha on my birthday :)

 it was a Neapolitan cake (however that is spelled)
strawberry chocolate and vanilla :) 
my cake :) thank you sister lara!! :)
haha yes it's huge and still in our fridge... slowly eating it.. 

Ah!! I can't remember what happened this week!! sorry!! I did write it all down though!! It was a wonderful week haha. Palag-put... i don't know what to say!! Sorry!! I have a lot on my mind trying to be ready for tomorrow and we are almost out of time for emailing.

This week we had amazing experiences yesterday teaching the plan of salvation. two different lessons, I felt this real concern of our investigators to want to do the things they needed to to return back to heavenly father. I absolutely loved it!! I do love this work!! I love how much we can feel the spirit and how much Heavenly Father watches out for us and helps us and never puts us through anything we can't handle!! 

I love you family so much! I am so sorry it's short mom and not very informative!! Please forgive me i'll write more next week!! I love you all!! :) I just need to relax right now and be happy :) I love you!!

Love, Sister Smoot
at church!!

some of our recent converts got my camera on my birthday!

we deep cleaned our house :) haha to get rid of things haha we were told to do so.
but it was nasty we never open those cupboards! 

happy birthday sister lara!! and happy birthday to our BML!! we ate with their family :)

Questions Alan asked Jenna and her answers:

Q) Did anyone know that it was your B-day yesterday?
A) yes :) haha they announced it in church too and i spoke... how embarrassing haha

Q) Did you do anything to celebrate, or was it a normal day?
A) um... my companion bought a cake on saturday night pulled me into the store she's so cute!! :) and a lot of people sang happy birthday... 

Q) Are birthdays celebrated similar to the way we do it here with candles on a cake and stuff?
A) yep!! if they can afford it.. :) haha

Q) How does it feel to no longer be a teenager?
A) i don't know.. i don't feel much different hahaha i'm still little jenna i think :)

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