Monday, March 10, 2014

Wk 50!- Zone Training Week!!

Area: San Carlos
Companion: Sister Lara
All the STLs! (Sister Training Leaders)

at MLC  (Mission Leadership Conference)

This week has been really good!! Lets just say I had zone training last week. I was feeling really down so I got a blessing from President Lopez after and I can not describe how happy I felt!! I felt so clean so pure so incredibly happy!! Zone training was also incredible!! Because I felt so amazing! The training the next day went even better!!
I taught about overcoming obstacles. It was incredible the spirit that was there. We talked about Christ and talked about a lot of different things. People added and that was incredible and I cried (thought I'd gotten over that, but not yet, maybe never) but just what I'd experienced the day before I overcame Satan getting to me. Telling me I'm not good enough. These things really do happen!! I know that Heavenly Father is more powerful and the Priesthood is definitely power from God!! I know this church is true and overcoming obstacles is so important as a missionary and just in life in general. The more you are closer to God, the easier it is to overcome trials. Trust him!! Don't let your testimony falter!! :) I LOVE MY SAVIOR!! I LOVE THIS CHURCH!! I KNOW IT'S TRUE!!! :)
We also had permission to work with young women, so we worked with one that is Sister Melanie Ledewan. I am not sure how you spell her name but she's 16 and she is amazing!! We got on a tricycle and she was in the back and another sister was with us sitting in back with her and me and sister lara were in front. She started asking her about her family and she introduced herself as a member of the church and I just handed her a pamphlet and so she could give it to her. IT WAS AMAZING!! Even if we challenge members to do it they have a hard time, but she was so proud and happy! I turned to her after and told her good job!! and She was like ah!! I was so nervous!! But the sister accepted and is in a different branch but she gave her a pamphlet! and it was amazing!! I want to be like her!! Be a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

To be honest these little miracles that have happened this week aren't just people doing things. It's people putting their trust in God and having faith that he will put in their mouth what they need to say. It happened to me and it happened to melanie. I know the teaching I did on Wednesday wasn't from me, it was from God and I had the opportunity to be his instrument. I want to teach like that ALWAYS!! I prayed before that he would be able to teach through me because I was too nervous to give the training myself. But God did it for me :) I am so happy and lucky to be his servant and I know that not only me as a missionary is his servant but all of us as members of the true church here on earth are missionaries. I never want to stop! this work it's amazing!!

I know sorry... i sound like a missionary but it's the best work ever and I love it with ALL of my heart!! :) So grateful for everything we have and for this work and the love of my Savior, our Savior.
Thank you for all of your examples and for everything!! I wish I could feel as happy as I do now ALWAYS!! I will try, but i know the times when you are down make these times even better!! :) I love you all!! :)

Love, Sister Smoot

p.s. thank you for all the birthday messages :) love you!  

Sister Sefetti is now with me at MLC :) It made me so happy!! :) She is from my batch in the MTC if you remember :) I love her dearly and so grateful for her example!! :)

This was our trip home. Elder Crossland gave up his seat to a sister but the whole 3 and a half hours until about the last hour there were people standing. It was packed and they kept stopping and letting people on too. Only in the PHilippines! i love it!! haha

thank you for the package :) i got the flower off the top! I will take more pictures of my packages when i open them on sunday :) thank you!
 sister lara cut herself some bangs the other day :) haha love her!!

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