Monday, October 21, 2013


Zone Conference 1
with Elder and Sister Brent Nielson of the seventy

Baptism of Anelia

...and  tara and richmont

This week... hmmmm haha it's been a week full of events that are fun and spiritual!! :)

Monday... I got my hair trimmed just by Zusie Villanueva :) I forgot to take a picture but she just did it because she does her own hair :) very nice service to me. just a trim to get rid of dead ends... :) still frizzy and wonderful!! We also did FHE with Cuaresma's. Julia and Jizalyn will be baptized this coming Saturday. It was wonderful! We did a lesson with 2 cotton balls and one you pour alcohol on representing things to do to keep the holy ghost with you then you light them both of fire. The one burns really fast. Fire representing trials in life and of faith. The one with alcohol burns slow then they have time to use the Atonement and overcome it. (blow it out) it's really cool because one was still white and the other one was black and small. Julia and Jizalyn had their interview yesterday. They were really nervous for their interview. They were holding my hands walking to the church asking, who's Joseph Smith again.. as if it was like a test or something haha it was cute but they calmed down and did great :)

Tuesday... We had a text from Sinemas saying Dixie was born! :) AH! yay!! and we were sitting there studying when all of a sudden our desks started shaking and i was like, "sister, why are you shaking the desks, stop haha" just teasing her (we were doing personal study) then she was like i'm not doing anything and it wouldn't stop. but it was just like our house was a little rocky. Then we both look at each other then out the window. We thought maybe some construction worker hit our house but then we were like no... wait... it's an earth quake. By the time we figured that out it was over and we just went back to studying!! so exciting haha :) i just pray for the people in cebu and b.. wherever the center was. I can't remember. But we walked out and found out it truly was an earth quake. Well there's my first earth quake. Best thing ever huh!! :)

Wednesday, we had the most amazing mission tour! I wish i could tell you all about it!! But I don't have time right now because I've been on here too long. But one thing I do want to share that's on my mind is that Sister Neilson, in the women conference, talked about how there is peace in everything!! She was like i had 6 kids in 10 years. It was crazy!! There's toys all over and she said once she got in a rage and went and got her rake that she rakes leaves with and went from one corner of the house and raked it all into a pile. Then she decided to time herself putting it away and it was like 5 minutes. She was like ok i need to calm down. Then she read a book and it talked about peace in everything. Those kids have someone that cares for them. There's food on the floor, there's someone who feeds them. There's someone that gives them toys to play with. It was incredible! Just hearing her talk it's incredible!! I loved it! I will just have to do a family home evening when i get home on what i learned from Elder and Sister Neilson alone! It was incredible!! Sister Neilson also talked about being a neilson and how inlaws come in and "ruin everything" but they don't, they bring talents to the family. She talked about things they love to do and then she ended with, they don't have to be like you to be loved like you. She related it to our companions. Don't just tolerate them, embrace who they are. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! I wish i had time to write forever but that's just a little glimps. And that's only Sister Neilson... Elder Neilson talked about the atonement and it's enabling power. The atonement isn't only for sins. Read Elder Bednar's talk from a BYU address in 2001. It is incredible! Made me think of Talia with 3 kids so close. She can do it!! through the atonement. :) and I can be here on a mission with the enabling power of the atonement!! :) I LOVE THIS WORK AND THIS GOSPEL!! :)

Saturday we had baptisms it was amazing!! Ramon (dad of tara and richmont) hasn't come to church before but he came to their baptism!! Was late, but he came and didn't miss much!! :) It was incredible!! Anelia cried when she was baring her testimony and when she got confirmed. I got asked before church because they forgot to ask me last week to speak. I asked if i could sing a little during my talk and they said it's fine as long as it's on topic. :) So without practicing, Sister Neis as talented as she is, played i'll go where you want me to go with some cool things! I wish you could hear her. After I talked a little that i put together during the first 2 hours of church then i sang at the end and invited everyone to share the gospel! It was cool! I miss singing and I love it so much!! :)

Sorry a little rushed for time! But it has been an eventful and wonderful awesome week!! Here and at home! You can all do it!! Even if you're tired mom! You can make it through with the Atonement! Don't forget!! :) I love you to death!! ALL OF YOU!! :) Keep being amazing and being who you are! ALWAYS follow the savior! Don't forget what he did for you and how much he loves you!! Kabalo ako nga matuod ang simbahan ni JesuCristo sang mga santos sa ulihing mga adlaw!! No matter what anybody else says to me! :) I feel strength every time someone says something that may make me doubt it. :) I love you!! again :)

P.S. Tell Ruger I love him and yes i did throw it in the garbage :) Love him!! AH!

Love, Sister Smoot :)

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