Monday, October 14, 2013

Wk 29- General Conference was awesome!! :)

Area: Bata
Companion: Sister Neis
cuaresma family
 (julia and jizalyn both 9 years old are getting baptized on the 26)

the cuaresma family has a lot of cats and dogs :)
one of them was sitting like this when we were about to leave :)

sister villanueva holding the bug!! haha
we had another incident at their house when it was flying around the room it was scary...
but she's the one that reminds me of tammy :)

villanueva's!! :)
 the one who reminds me of Brittney isn't there
but the little girl (Barbie) is her daughter :) 

zusie, elijah, and barbie :)
(zusie and elijah are working toward temple marriage in a year
and barbie is zusie's neice)

Barbie! :) 

 Zusie holding the bug (she didn't want to hold it)

yes i held the bug :) haha sister neis got it on video... haha

and this is my favorite fruit!! rambutan!

it's like dr. suess it's so good!! :)
 it's really good and i don't even know how to describe it.
it just has a seed in the middle and it's juicy :) it's good!

namit!! :)

Yes, I absolutely loved general conference!! It was incredible!! :) We also had Anelia who came with us on Sundayand we are sitting there in General Conference and one of the 70 started talking about the iron rod chapter and telling the story and she turned to me and goes, oh! 1 Nephi 9! I was like what the heck! I don't even know the exact chapter, but she did! She's getting baptized on Saturday, she's incredible and KNOWS the church is true. I love her faith also! :) I'm so excited for her! :)

We also had an investigator we went to yesterday, at his home it's just him and his little girl, Princess and his name is Ernesto. We went and followed up with him and he was in 1 nephi last week and he said, well i keep going back because I want to understand. I asked him where he had read to and he said Jacob!! I was like wow!! Holy cow!! He had read through all of that. We asked him if he'd prayed and he said yes but hasn't recieved an answer yet. We explained the holy ghost to him and we had Elijah and Zusie with us and Elijah was a Catholic before, same as brother Ernesto. It was incredible when he shared his experience about how he came to know it was true. It didn't come easy for Elijah, but it came and he talked about how we have a living prophet here on the earth. It was incredible! I love the power of the spirit and how it leads and guides us! Like it said in conference, you know you're speaking by the power of the spirit when you are learning from what you are saying. I love that and have such a testimony of that. You totally know the spirit is there when you can feel it being testified to yourself too of what you and others around you are saying. I love it so much!! :)

We also taught a less active this week that had a powerful lesson with him. He is a return missionary and is scared to come back to church because he doesn't feel like he is as strong as he was before. We had the spirit there so strong. I don't know what we said, but I know for a fact that the spirit testified to him. I saw his desire to come back to him. I reminded him and invited him to read his patriarchal blessing and to read his scriptures, because he hasn't kept his commitments the past couple times. I will be honest, i went into it and sometimes it's weird trying to teach a return missionary, because he knows what we are there for and knows our purpose, and sometimes it gets frustrating because he knows, but he is opening up and i'm starting to see the light again :) I'm so excited! We are going to him again on this week. :) 

I also didn't realize how many people here don't have their patriarchal blessings or temples so close so they don't understand exactly how to go about everything and don't understand. I honestly am so grateful to have a temple so close to have been able to baptisms for the dead often, and I am so grateful Matthew is in my life and that he helped me get to the temple every week. I was grateful for it then, but I have never been more grateful for it then now. Also, Dad, I am grateful for the willingness you have to go to the temple and to answer questions that I have. I am so incredible grateful for the people like you in my life for the times we had going to the temple and for you showing your love for the temple and helping me to go also. Thank you!! :)

It's been a really good week and I am so grateful for the spirit and I am grateful for gratitude. Having gratitude you feel content, without gratitude you feel like you want more. (i think it was from conference and it said something like that) but i am truly grateful for gratitude and for the ability to be thankful. I am thankful for everything I have. I am spoiled as a person to have what I have and to know what I know. The knowledge of this gospel is the greatest thing on earth. Even if I'm not the best missionary here, I am grateful to be the missionary I am, to be the person I am. I am a child of God, we all are. :) Ah! I love conference.

When they were talking about being a child of god and how we all are, it reminded me of Dad also. I believe (or at least it use to be) that that is his favorite song. And Last week at a dinner appointment when we shared, we sang a song and talked about the lyrics. I chose I am a child of God and it reminded me of dad also. I love you Dad. :) Thank you!! 

I am also grateful for every single person in our family. Mom, you have no idea what has come to my mind about you too. You have been people's mom's (not just your own children) when they needed one most. You truly are the most loving person I know. I am so grateful you are my mom and that you love me and worry about me and are there for me whenever I need it. I wouldn't have been here without you. I will always be your little Jenna :) I am so grateful for the parents I have and for the family I have grown up with. I wouldn't want them any other way than they are now. :) Thank you to all of you!! :) I love you!! :) 

I hope you have a wonderful week! I'm am looking forward to another wonderful week!! :) I wish i could tell you how much and show you how much I love you all!! I guess I'll just work harder with my work here. :) Love you!!

Love, Sister Smoot

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